Importance of Solving Previous Years’ Papers Before Exams

The exam season has well begun across the country. After months of rigorous studies, students’ knowledge is set to be tested. Indeed, students are expected to be thoroughly prepared with important concepts and applications. With so many paper patterns and question formats, students might grapple during the final few days before exams.

While there may be a time crunch to cover the syllabus, there are effective ways to prepare for exams. Mock tests and previous years’ question papers serve as efficient preparatory tools for exams. Here’s how.

Decode Paper Pattern

Being well aware of the time paucity, students need to implement some smart study strategies. Solving past question papers is one such strategy. It helps them understand the exam pattern better. Analyzing question papers from previous years will help understand:

  • The types of questions asked
  • The topics that are frequently tested
  • The format of answers required

Knowing the above listed aspects will help students prepare accordingly for the exams.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important benefits of solving previous years papers. Previous papers help in preparing a strategy to allot specific time to certain questions. For example, if a student spends 20 minutes to solve a long form question, it is important to save time for questions that require short answers accordingly.

Identify Roadblocks

Attempting mock tests and papers helps understand which part of the syllabus needs more attention. Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Solving such test papers helps assess the level of preparation and work upon the weaknesses. This thereby helps maneuver preparation time effectively.

Save Time for Doubts
Solving question papers allows students to understand concepts in depth. It also helps them apply the memorized chapters and cements their theoretical knowledge. This directly improves one’s preparation for exams and real world applications. Once mock tests are solved, students can immediately start resolving their roadblocks with online doubt resolution apps such as Toppr Answr. Such platforms provide students with verified answers in minutes and help save time before examinations.

Boost Confidence

Students who solve past papers and take mock tests are likely to have a higher confidence level before exams. They know they have the ability to apply concepts within a limited time frame during the exams. This helps achieve a stable state of mind which is clear for exams.

Here are some ways to start:

  • Talk to peers about important topics.
  • Gather and solve past question papers.
  • Refer books that have past papers and solutions, both.
  • Use apps like Toppr Answr for mock tests and doubt resolution.

Effective time management is a contributing factor in exam preparation. Additionally, it also requires students to study smart and not just for long hours. Online doubt resolution is proving to be a time-efficient tool and rightly so. Verified answers and instant clarity of concepts drastically improves students’ performance in exams.

Consistent efforts, clarity of thought and complete understanding of concepts is exactly what marks the difference between a prepared and a ‘well- prepared’ student.

BY: Neetin Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Toppr

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