In conversation with Amitabh Kumar, Founder of Wranga on “Helping Parents Mentor Their Child’s Digital Consumption”

Wranga is a platform that provides the best parenting advice for digital nutrition checks for your children. In conversation with Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Founder of Wranga and a renowned Digital Safety Expert, who has himself extensively worked on resolving online safety issues with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and under his leadership, have successfully conducted more than 500 workshops on online safety across the country.

“Cyber Age has arrived, so our public information and education system is yet to be updated. Wranga is providing the service to parents to make positive digital choices for their children”, says Mr. Amitabh Kumar.

What was your moment of epiphany to start this venture?

We have been working in the space of Children’s online safety for around a decade and realized the best way to achieve this was through capacity building of parents. We experimented with many methodologies and hence came up with the hybrid platform, Wranga. The idea was in the nascent stage at the beginning of the pandemic however, after two years of hard work, we went public in February of 2022.

How is your brand taking care of the modern-day requirements of the advancing world of digitization?

As a team of experts, we constantly study and evaluate the developments, then based on the most relevant ones for parents, we take it up and create an advisory. This is done extremely carefully, and the presentation is also in a way that is easy to understand. A similar approach is made for our workshop modules with parents and teachers, where we take note of the most pressing issues raised by the group and provide adequate knowledge and solutions to them.

How does Wranga help parents mentor their kid’s virtual experiences?

As mentioned earlier, Wranga has a group of experts who have spent over a decade reviewing and rating content, apps and games. We have studied the science behind this online media’s impact on your child’s mind. So, what we are providing in the form of review, rating, and advisory is scientific and practical. A parent having the Wranga is up to date with the most popular games, apps and content via Netflix, Amazon, Disney+Hotstar, and Zee5. If you are a parent in India and raising a child in 2022, this app becomes your friend, philosopher, and guide to ensure that you make informed digital choices for your child’s optimum growth.

What is the USP of Wranga?

Wranga is a unique company that matches experiences with cutting AI technology. The Co-Founders are people who have spent time with parents doing workshops, solving problems, and have also consulted big tech companies on how they can make their products safer. Co-Founder, Mr. Ashish Jaiman has led the AI movement across the world. He is somebody who believes in creating technology for social impact. Dr. Manish Tiwari and Dr. Sharada Das are PhDs from JNU who have expertise in education and anthropology, creating a fantastic review and rating system. I, Amitabh, have led the online safety movement in India and passionate about building a safe technology for kids that can be used to build a better future.

Ideally, the USP of Wranga is in its team, ideology, approach and, most notably, the intent to use technology to help parents raise exceptional children who are friends of technology and know which technology is best for them.

What is the process of reviewing content for kids?

Wranga has built a scientific model that breaks down content, games, and apps into essential components. Every component is looked into by experts and weighed upon by the impact in correlation. What we have built is an unbiased scientific method of reviewing and rating. Currently, digital parenting experts review the content, add it to the system, and post discussions; we provide our rating and advisory. It is being turned into an AI model, which will be tentatively deployed by the end of the year.

What success mantra has led you to bring new services to the table effectively?

Being close to the field, working together with parents, schools, teachers, & most importantly, children are why we are improving daily. Also, having spent a decade in the sector, we know what the brands are working on & act as a bridge to help create safe content, games & apps for children. The team is dedicated to helping parents mentor their children, and hence, every review and recommendation is carefully drafted and presented.

How exactly would Wranga help parents mentor their child’s digital consumption?

We are true to our mission to help parents bring up extraordinary digital citizens. Wranga is helping parents understand & choose the best technology for their children. It’s a friend + philosopher + guide in a child’s online safety space. The abundance of content often confuses the audience, and choices also become problematic. Wranga deep dives into the content and reviews it in the context of age appropriateness and any other red flags that we come across. Parents can look at the review and instantly know if their child is exposed to the right content or not.

What are your plans to expand and grow your network and take Wranga to new heights?

We are working together with the government to create a curriculum that can be used in schools and with large tech companies to improve child safety on their platforms. I am happy to share, it’s inspiring to see the commitment of the Government & the industry toward child online safety.

Wranga is now also available as an app for download on App Store and Play Store both.



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