India International Furniture Fair 2022 A Resounding Success – Witnesses Heavy Footfall

With rapid urbanization, India has developed a voraciousappetite for furniture and furnishings. Demand for furniture is also coming from hospitality and corporate segments. There are a wide variety of furniture brands, both national and international, catering to everything from basic to premium and luxury segments.

To ensure the ecosystem can flourish in India, EFEEXIM recently organized India International Furniture Fair (IIFF) at International Expo Center, Noida. It was the fourth edition of IIFF, which had the support from MSME Ministry. The event was held from Dec 2-4 and was managed by Trescon.

IIFF 2022 Event Highlights

Event objectives were pretty clear, in that, a single platform for interactions was enabled for all stakeholders including brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, real estate firms and architects and interior designers. Newspatrolling team witnessed a heavy rush from first day itself, with people from various backgrounds frequenting the multitude of exhibition stalls by local and internationalbrands.

Sharing his experience on IIFF 2022, Pankaj Bansal, Founder and CEO of Newspatrolling, said, “We are glad to be part of this great initiative to bring the world’s best brands in furniture and furnishings to Indian consumers. Such events have been a journey of discovery and learning for many. It also fosters the competitive spirit, which will eventually benefit end users. We appreciate the vision and effort on part of the organizers for this pathbreaking event.”

IIFF 2022 had more than 30 exhibitors, including some of the top brands from Turkey and other countries. Exhibits included a wide variety of furniture such as sofas, beds, dining tables, coffee tables, recliners with ottoman function and various other items. It was also interesting to see the diversity in materials used such as wood (sheesham, rose wood. etc.), glass, metal and the humble plastic.

Another highlight at the event was hundreds of different types of fabrics that are exclusively manufactured overseas. The variety in terms of color, feel, texture, shine and softness were simply unparalleled. Fabrics are probably the most important component of premium furniture and it was exciting to see so many options under one roof.

Tech-enabled furniture

Newspatrolling team was also witness to the growing use of technology in furniture industry. Consumers today are looking for a more connected experience, which is where tech-enabled furniture comes into the picture.

Some of the key highlights included integrated music and light system, digital locker and even a full-fledged back massager. With tech upgrades, furniture items like recliners can now double up as complete work-from-home solutions. Tech-enabled furniture can also be greatly useful in hospitality industry.

Events like IIFF are the need of the hour, as furniture and furnishing segment is expected to register strong growth in coming years. By end of 2026, Indian furniture market is expected to cross valuation of US$ 37.72 billion. This is a huge leap, more than double of US$ 17.77 billion valuation in 2020. Events like IIFF will help in bringing more of the industry in organized sector, which will benefit the entire ecosystem.

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