Is Earth A Prison For Humans?

While earth is a beautiful planet, it appears that the only thing that’s causing it a great harm is humans. While most species on the planet live in harmony with nature, humans are the only species that have capability to destroy the planet. So much destruction has already happened, as evident in global climate change events. Most experts agree that if human activity is restricted, the planet will start to heal. A glimpse of this was evident during Covid-19 lockdown.

As humans don’t seem to be treating earth as their home, it makes us wonder that probably we were brought here from somewhere else. It also makes us think if earth could actually be a prison for a dangerous species like humans. Here are some things that can work as evidence to prove that earth is a prison for humans.

No escape – While prisons have walls and fences, earth has something much better in the form of gravity. Humans have gone into space and landed on moon, but we are still far away from colonizing space. Even if we colonize space, we would be limited to the solar system. That’s because reaching the nearest star will take several thousand years.

Violent nature – If we look at prisons, it is clear that it is full of people with violent behavior. It is this group that actually has dominance in prisons. Something similar can be seen outside prisons, where a number of dictators and other powerful people have ruled various parts of this world over the ages. These individuals have been linked to atrocities including killings of thousands of people.

Constant battle for dominance – In a prison, there is a constant struggle for dominance between various group. The same happens outside where countries or group of countries are constantly trying to get ahead of other countries. Even inside countries, there are forces constantly fighting other forces. Humans have been fighting battles all throughout their history and it continues even today.

All of us have sinned – At some point of time in our lives, we all have done something wrong. No human can claim that they have led a completely unblemished life. The only difference could be in the severity of our sins. As we have a natural inclination to sin when an opportunity is available, it shows what we have common with convicted prisoners.

Constant hardships – Prison life is hard and so is the life of common people living on planet earth. We have to toil every day to be able to arrange food, clothing and shelter for ourselves and our loved ones. Everyone from folks doing physical work to rich billionaires are working hard every day to sustain life.

The above points are good evidence that support the theory that earth could be a prison for humans. While we don’t know who put us here, it’s a question that we can never completely erase from our minds. For each of us, it would be great if we can find the answers before we exit from planet earth.

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