Is Moonlighting Good For Your Career?

Majority of business organizations don’t approve of moonlighting, as it represents violation of integrity as well as ethical and confidentiality agreements. However, there are entities, especially startups that allow their employees to take on second jobs or projects after work hours. In such cases, the question arises whether one should stick to their primary job or take other jobs/projects. For better understanding, let’s take a look at the good and bad of moonlighting.

What are advantages of moonlighting?

More money, better lifestyle – By taking a second job or projects, you can boost your income. You will have more disposable income, which can be used on your gadgets, buying your favorite car, moving to a bigger house, etc. A second job or outside projects can also help folks who have debts to repay. It could be an educational loan or money borrowed from friends or relatives. With an additional source of income, professionals may also increase their savings. This can be used later for higher education at premium national or international institutions.

Higher learning curve – When you have multiple jobs or projects, you will be advancing your skills at an accelerated pace. You will not feel stuck or face the possibility of becoming obsolete. Your brain will be working at optimal levels, making you sharper with every passing day. You will be interacting with other industry experts, which will improve your knowledge and understanding. All of these will boost your career prospects.

New career opportunities – A second job or projects can allow you to explore new career opportunities. For example, if you are an engineer but like marketing more, you can make the right start with a second job. There are quite a few professionals who feel bored in their existing career and want to make the switch. A second job can make it possible, all while reducing risks associated with a career switch.

What are disadvantages of moonlighting?

Work overload – To successfully do moonlighting, you have to be smart, energetic and intelligent. You should be able to juggle multiple projects with ease. But if you are struggling to manage multiple projects, it can easily wreck your life. You may reach a situation where you have lots of money, but no time to enjoy it. If you are facing such a situation, it will be better to stick to one job or reduce the amount of outside work you are taking.

Stress and health issues – Some folks can effortlessly manage multiple projects simultaneously. However, for most people, even handling a single job is a stressful thing. If you are engaging in moonlighting solely to earn more money, you can experience increased stress. This will eventually lead to health issues.

Negative track record – Most of the larger corporates do not approve of moonlighting. So, if you have a track record of moonlighting, it may be difficult for you to take up jobs with big corporates in the future. You have to be really good, to the point where your skills and abilities have no match. Only then your moonlighting past can probably be ignored by large corporates.

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