Is Orgasm Possible After Menopause?

As experiences vary from individual to individual, there are quite a few misconceptions about menopause. One of the most common beliefs is that enjoying sex and achieving orgasm becomes almost impossible after menopause. This is not true, as many women continue to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm several years after menopause. And it’s not that they have a magic pill to make it possible. With the right tools and techniques, sex can still be enjoyable after menopause.

Use lubrication – It is true that women may experience vaginal dryness due to lack of sufficient levels of estrogen and progesterone. Another issue is that vaginal canal can become less stretchy. These things can make intercourse difficult and painful. As a result, many women choose to avoid it. However, a simple solution to such problems is to use lubrication. You can buy lube from a shop or make your own at home. Lubrication will make penetration easier and allow you to enjoy sex. Lube can also help if you are planning to go solo.

Stimulation – Another common problem faced by menopausal women is that they seem to lose interest in sex. It may be due to hormonal changes occurring in their body. Even during intercourse, they may take longer to achieve orgasm. The solution to such problems is that women should give more time to physical stimulation such as touching, stroking, and rubbing. Direct clitoral stimulation with lube can also help. Women can also try oral sex or vibrators to be able to achieve orgasm.

Create the right environment – To boost your mood, some changes in the immediate environment can be helpful. It could be things like taking a candlelit bath together, experimenting with sensual massages, etc. Keep the environment cool, so that you can sustain your energy for longer to achieve orgasm.

Be healthy – In many cases, lack of interest in sex for menopausal women can be due to health issues. It’s apparent that health will not be the same as it was when we are young. Health issues among menopausal women may include both physical and emotional changes. Things like fatigue, hot flashes, muscle aches, headaches, anxiety, depression, irritability, mood changes, and stress can impact sexual desire. If you take time to exercise regularly, eat healthy and sleep well, your love life will improve dramatically.

Another important thing to note is that you don’t have to worry about things other people are doing. It’s okay if you are having sex and achieving orgasm less frequently. There are other ways to maintain intimacy post menopause such as touching, caressing, cuddling, sharing a bed, laughing and enjoying life together. Feel free to discuss things with your partner, so that you both can understand each other in a better way.

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