Jewellery – a woman’s passion and pride

Wearing jewellery is a tradition that dates back nearly 5000 years in the Indian history. Jewellery designs in India have retained much of their classical shapes and patterns, even though a wide variety of modern designs are also available now. Women are passionate about jewellery, as it adorns them beautifully to reflect an enchanting feminine aura that is dazzling and spectacular. Jewelry also signifies the essence and importance of interpersonal relationships, as bonds forged in precious metals and gems are deemed to last a lifetime.

There are different types of jewelry that one can experiment with to find the perfect fit. Some of the most common ones include antique jewellery, bead, bridal, pachchikam, kundan, oxidized silver, meenakari, navaratna, tribal, pearl, gold, silver, platinum, etc. Bridal jewelry is probably the most sought after since weddings in India involve huge sums of money, a significant percentage of which is spent on buying jewellery. It’s the moment when a daughter is about to leave her parental home, a time when everyone wants to see her adorned with the most exquisite jewellery including the necklace setas well as the traditional and most essential mangalsutra.

Jewellery designs have been constantly evolving to suit customer needs and preferences. New jewellery trends currently seem to favor geometrical designs that go well with urban clothing and seem to reflect the sensibilities of modern times. There’s also a growing trend where an increasing number of people are choosing pearls and bead jewellery over jewelry made from gold and diamonds. Pearls and bead jewellery are great for daily use since they are not as delicate as gold and diamond jewelry. New trends are also evident in bridal jewellery with increased focus on designs such as crown style maangtikkas, extra chunky necklace set, designer mangalsutra, asymmetric necklace set, double down necklace set, and funky earrings.

Considering that a bride wants to look her best, adorning the most spectacular and unique jewellery on her wedding day, she can also try exotic regional stuff from various parts of India such as royal Rajasthani jewelry, Maharashtrianjewelry, Bengali jewellery, South Indian jewellery, etc. Each of these jewelry designs hasits own uniquespecialties that can help the bride look enchantingly beautiful. However, jewellery needs to be matched with the bridal dress, so that it can act as a complimentary element and ensure that the overall look and feelappears cohesive.

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