Jobs In Demand In The Times Of Coronavirus

The current situation may look apocalyptic, but rest assured that things will eventually start to improve. Scientists and researchers are working 24/7 to develop a cure or vaccine for Covid-19. The only concern is that it may take a while for things to become normal again. Anywhere from 12-24 months is the basic estimate being suggested by most experts. So, how will the job market evolve in this period? To answer that question, let’s take a look at jobs that will be in demand in the near future.

e-commerce: With people not moving out of their homes, everything is being home delivered to them. Even after the lockdown ends, most people will try to avoid going out. As long as coronavirus continues to infect, venturing out will be a risky proposition. Ecommerce companies are already witnessing a huge spike in orders and this is expected to continue in the post-lockdown period. As e-commerce companies expand operations to meet rising demand, it will create more jobs in e-commerce sector.

Delivery professionals: With home delivery becoming the norm, delivery executives are now in demand. Everything from groceries to medicines and almost everything else is currently being home delivered. This trend will continue as long as coronavirus is not tamed.

Online tutor and learningplatforms: With educational institutions completely shut off, students are moving towards online learning platforms. Demand for online tutors has also increased.

Online doctor consultation: People are currently avoiding clinics and hospitals, as there’s a risk of getting infected. Healthcare centers are also encouraging people to seek online doctor consultations for common health issues. This has led to a spurt in the number of online consultation requests received by doctors.

Video gaming: As people stay indoors, video games have become one of the important forms of entertainment. This trend is expected to create more jobs in the video gaming industry.

Jobs that will decline

Due to coronavirus pandemic, demand for several jobs is on the decline. For example, people working in tourism industry have been hit hard. Employment opportunities at large departmental stores, malls and specialty retailers are waning. Real estate sector is expected to experienceslowdown, as people are unwilling to invest in property in these uncertain times. Other sectors where job losses may occur include aviation, hospitality, automobile, Information Technology (IT) and sports.

If you are just starting your career, you can choose jobs that will be in demand in the next few years. People with experience can plan a job switch in case there’s a risk to their current job. Even with a vaccine, it would take a long time to free the world from coronavirus. It’s better to have a safe job now instead of waiting for things to get better.

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