Jobs With Longest Retirement Age In United States

For most jobs in most countries, the retirement age is usually in the range of 60-65 years. The numbers are quite the same in United States as well. However, there are certain jobs in United States where people tend to work longer than the average number of years. Here’s a quick look at some jobs that have the longest retirement age in United States.

Tax Preparers

Depending on their location, tax preparers can earn anywhere between $30k and $70k per annum. Tax preparers are often seen working beyond 65 years of age, as the job primarily requires knowledge and experience. Some tax preparers in this age group have permanent jobs whereas others work on an hourly or seasonal basis.


This is a job that you get better at with age. A clergy primarily provides spiritual guidance and religious services, things that improve with age and experience. The annual pay of a clergy is in the range of $60k to $125k, depending on variables such as education, experience, certification, etc. It is not uncommon to see a clergy working up to 70 years of age.

Agricultural / farm manager

The job primarily involves planning and coordinating various tasks related to planting, fertilization and harvesting. It may also require the individual to manage the operations of special farming sites such as nurseries and greenhouses. Annual salary is in the range of $30k to $80k, with the average around $49k. As this job is dependent on knowledge and experience, old professionals tend to do it better.

Real estate broker

Primarily tasked to assist people looking to buy or sell properties, a real estate broker’s annual earnings could be in the range of $25k to $115k. The earnings may include variable income such as bonus and commission. Real estate brokers are often seen working beyond the usual retirement age of 65 years.


This again is a job that makes one better with age. The primary role is to help patients with their mental health issues. A psychologist may also take up jobs in research. Annual salary is in the range of $49k to $113k.

Whether you want to work beyond the usual retirement age is entirely up to you. If you are healthy and have no other commitments, you can choose to work beyond the typical retirement age. With this approach, you can lead an active lifestyle and improve your finances. However, if you feel that your professional career is effectively over and you need to enjoy your remaining life in complete peace, you can always call it quits whenever you like.

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