Know the person who loves you the most

There’s someone we all have. Engineers, doctors, politicians, actors, writers, the rich and the poor, and even the bad guys, we all have something in common. Yes, it’s our mother, to whom we owe our existence. Without her, we would not have been born to this world and could never have experienced the joys and wonders of our planet Earth.

Moreover, bringing us here is not the only thing for which we should be grateful to our mother. She’s the only person who would love us and care for us throughout her entire life. She would never leave our side even when we may be going through the worst times in our lives. Newspatrolling believes that our mother would care for us even when we may not be able to offer the same level of love and care to her. She would always have good wishes for us, and she would always like to see us grow and prosper and live a happy, fulfilling life. As someone once said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers“, this world would not have existed without mothers.

Mother’s Day is celebrated globally to honor a mother’s role in the family, motherhood, maternal relations and the collective influence that mothers have in the community. Information gathered by Newspatrolling shows that different countries have different dates for celebrating Mother’s Day. Most of the prominent countries such as United States, Canada, China, Australia, Japan, Germany, India and others celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, every year.

Mother’s Day has a long history, as it has been in existence since the early twentieth century. Newspatrolling would like its readers to know that the seeds for this memorable day were sown in 1908. It was in this year that Anna Jarvis had organized a memorial at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, in remembrance of her mother. This church is currently home to the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Anna Jarvis was a prominent social activist who had done remarkable work during the American Civil War. She acted as the unifying force for the community and founded Mothers’ Day Work Clubs.

So, what plans do you have on Mother’s Day? You may want to thank your mother, gift her something she likes, or plan a trip with the entire family. These things you can do of course, but it would be worthwhile to note that no words or gifts can truly express the phenomenal contributions made by our mothers. She is the one who works 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without any pay. Her love and care are priceless. To really honor this day, we should be able to understand the sacrifices she may have made and the troubles she may have to take for our upbringing and to keep the family together. It’s only then we would realize that our mother is the one who loves us the most.

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