Milk can be used as an aphrodisiac: Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, there are various ways milk can be used to benefit the human body. The knowledge about the benefits of milk, especially cow’s milk, has been described in detail in the AstangaSangraha, an ancient Ayurveda text that has contributed significantly to the available Ayurveda knowledgebase. This collection of ancient Ayurveda documents has a separate section, called KsheerVarga, dedicated exclusively to describing the inherent qualities of milk and milk products. One of the significant benefits of cow’s milk described in the text relates to its utilization as an effective aphrodisiac.

According to Ayurveda, cow’s milk is one of the most ‘satvic’ and nutritious foods available to humankind. It can work as an effective aphrodisiac as well as boost your reproductive functions so that you get the combined benefit of an improved sex drive and the assurance of a strong offspring. As described in Ayurveda texts, cow’s milk comes under the category of special ingredients, commonly referred to as VajikaranaDravya. These specific types of ingredients help increase ‘shukradhatu’ (semen). While cow’s milk in itself can boost sex drive, it works even better when combined with other types of Vajikarana herbs.

Cow’s milk acts as a carrier for transporting nourishment to the various components of the male reproductive system, in effect balancing the doshas and rejuvenating the reproductive system. When taken with the right Vajikarana herbs and in the right amount, cow’s milk can provide a wide range of benefits such as increased libido, increased sperm count, improved hardness, long-lasting erection and relief from premature ejaculation. When taken regularly, such preparations can also help an individual to look younger and stay healthy. These preparations are commonly prescribed for people diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Apart from its aphrodisiac properties, cow’s milk offers several other benefits. For example, cow’s milk is said to have rejuvenating (rasayana) properties, which provides a host of benefits such as strengthened tissues, memory boost, and improved immunity. Ayurveda texts indicate that cow’s milk nourishes the core of all tissues, which is known as the ojas. According to the science of Ayurveda, ojas is at the core of our body/mind experience. Cow’s milk is easily digested by the body and its nutrients are quickly absorbed. It is often recommended to breastfeeding mothers since it has most of the vital nutrients needed by the human body. Cow’s milk has also shown to benefit patients suffering from depression and kidney disease.

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