LAKE360: An Epicurrean Delight!

LAKE360 is an exquisite fine-dining destination that charms you with its delectable delicacies and serene surroundings. Nestled between acres of greenery, LAKE360 is the popular golf resort, Karma Lakeland’s latest offering. For the city dwellers, an open-air restaurant, next to a lake spells bliss! And as one steps on the warmly lit elevated deck, the lake views, beautiful flowers, and birdsongs export you to a tranquil land.

The restaurant offers a four-course set menu of Indian and European fusion dishes and operates only for dinner. The Chef has selected some popular Indian dishes and elevated them to cater to a global audience through presentation and fusion. We start with sandal wood-smoked lamb and devour every bite. The interesting sides are compressed watermelon, fresh greens, and spiced apple chutney, each worthy of being savoured. We also try the chicken spiedini which is roasted to perfection. After the heavenly appetizers, we are served warm asparagus soup. The greens are grown in the in-house organic farmlands at the resort. One spoonful of the soup and one can be sure of the fresh produce. Mildly flavoured, aromatic, and cooked to perfection.

For my main course, I sample the tandoori masala marinated grilled Atlantic Salmon, and it is easily the best grill I’ve had in a long time. Full of flavour and rich in taste, the texture and the paired arugula orange salad complimented the grill perfectly. The plating at Karma is a large size and one feels full after the mains. However, cannot miss the dish that goes to the heart – dessert. The almond chikki crusted Belgium dark chocolate mousse, the crunchiness of the chikki with the soft chocolate ice cream was the perfect juxtaposition

In a setting, so divine, one can easily get lost and forget the food. But the food at Lake360 scores high on visual, taste, and olfactorial senses. It is a place high on ideology as it is in its food offerings. This resort practices several ecological initiatives such as bio composting its waste, organic farming, waste harvesting and more. In speaking to the General Manager of the resort, on their latest offering, Mr Damandeep Singh said, “We wanted to create a place people could connect with nature, leave their worries behind and just escape into the moment. As we threw around ideas, we realised there is nothing a good meal cannot solve! Why not we combine a stellar dining experience with a scenic view for people to enjoy the sound of nature. That is how LAKE360 was born.”

Well, we can say, this is a proud endeavour, successfully delivered and should be devoured by the food and nature lovers in and around the region.

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