Laziest People On The Planet

Health benefits of physical exercise is well documented and widely accepted among the medical fraternity. Physical activity has shown to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer. Physical activity also has positive impact on mental health.

With such wide ranging benefits, it is imperative that we all allocate some time to physical activity on a daily basis. After all, health is the only real wealth one can have. So, are humans meeting their daily requirement of physical activity? Well, it’s sad to know that people in several countries fall short of their daily physical activity, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). To better understand this aspect, here’s a look at some of the laziest people on the planet.

Brazil – The largest country in South America, Brazil has a population of more than 211 million people. Christianity is the primary religion in the country. People in Brazil are 47% less active, as compared to physical activity guidelines determined by WHO.

Iraq – Located in Western Asia, Iraq is a melting pot of various ethnic groups such as Kurds, Arabs, Yazidis, Turkmens, Armenians, Assyrians, Mandaeans, Shabakis, Sabians, Circassians, and Kawliya. Around 99% of population is Muslim. In physical activity, Iraqi people fall short by 52%.

Saudi Arabia – This oil-rich nation is the largest in Western Asia in terms of area. It also has the largest economy in the Middle East. Although the country has a large percentage of young population, it falls short in physical activity. People in Saudi Arabia are the third laziest in the world. Their activity levels are 53% less, as compared to WHO prescribed norms.

American Samoa – Located in South Pacific Ocean, American Samoa is defined as an unincorporated territory of the United States. It has tropical climate in most parts of the year. The economy mainly depends on fishing and agriculture. American Samoa relies heavily on funds from United States. People in American Samoa are the second laziest in the world. Their physical activity level is 53.4% less than prescribed.

Kuwait – A country in Western Asia, Kuwait has more expatriates than its own citizens. The number of expatriates in Kuwait is more than double the number of its citizens. This may be one of the key reasons why Kuwait tops the list of laziest people on the planet. Cultural inclinations may also have a role to play in making Kuwait citizens the laziest in the world. As compared to prescribed physical activity norms, Kuwait people fall short by a whopping 67%.

Research studies have shown that even 30 minutes of exercise five days a week can have significant health benefits. So, it’s important to find time for this even when we may have a very busy work schedule. While mornings are considered best for exercise, you can also do it at a time that’s most suitable for you. With health on our side, we can truly enjoy life and achieve our goals and dreams.

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