Top 5 Bestselling Cars Of All Time

Cars have a long history spanning more than a century. These have played an important role in facilitating human progress and economic development. Just before cars made their appearance, human movement relied heavily on animal-driven carriages and carts. The first car developed was Benz Patent-Motorwagen, which was patented way back in 1886. Since then, thousands of car models have been launched across the globe by automobile manufacturers.

However, just like every other product, the response to cars has varied depending on consumer perceptions and overall value offered. While some cars were rejected outright by the market, there are the ones that emerged bestsellers. Talking about the latter, here’s a quick look at some of the bestselling cars of all time.

Lada Riva – This range of compact cars was manufactured by Russian carmaker VAZ. It was first launched in Soviet Union in 1979. Later, it entered European markets in 1980s. Lada Riva has been one of the bestselling automobile platforms of all time. The car has sold millions of units and is ranked next to Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle – One of the most iconic cars ever designed, Volkswagen Beetle is said to have been developed as per specifications of Adolf Hitler. It was Hitler’s idea to develop a simple and affordable car that would be suitable for the country’s new road network named Reichsautobahn. Cumulative sales of Volkswagen Beetle are estimated to be in excess of 23.5 million units.

Volkswagen Golf – This compact car first entered production in 1974. Since then, it has journeyed across eight generations. Volkswagen Golf has been offered in multiple body configurations as well as different nameplates. For example, it is known as Volkswagen Rabbit in Canada and USA and Caribe in Mexico. Cumulative sales of Volkswagen Golf have been in excess of 30 million units globally.

Ford F-Series – This has been in production since 1948. The range comprises light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, chassis cab trucks and pickup trucks. One of the most popular in this range is F-150, which is currently in its fourteenth generation. Over the last six decades, Ford F-150 cumulative sales have been more than 40 million units. This makes it the second bestselling car model of all time.

Toyota Corolla – The first Corolla was manufactured way back in 1966. Since then, the model has undergone twelve generation updates. It achieved the title of bestselling car model of all time in 2016, when production milestone crossed 44 million units. Apart from its home market Japan, Corolla manufacturing facilities are located in several other countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA and Venezuela, among others.

Cars have continuously evolved in terms of design, comfort & convenience, engine and technology. While petrol and diesel cars have ruled for more than a century, the future certainly belongs to electric vehicles (EVs). With increasing awareness about the environment, new battery systems with higher range and availability of charging infrastructure, electric cars are all set to dominate the twenty-first century.

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