Live-in Or Marriage? What’s Better

It’s a great thing to be in love, as you experience moments that are among the happiest and most enjoyable in your life. For people in love, the next step is to start thinking about living together. Couples in this situation often face the question of whether to go for a live-in relationship or to choose the traditional path of marriage. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s better to evaluate which one will be most suitable for you and your partner. Here are some insights that can help you decide between live-in or marriage.

Marriage can be fun – Live-ins usually do not involve anything as grand as engagement and wedding ceremonies. Most you can do in a live-in is to organize a small event to celebrate with your close friends and family members. But it can never be as fulfilling as a large scale wedding, where you get to meet most of your friends and relatives. However, if you like to keep things low-key, live-in can also work perfectly fine for you.

Freedom – In a traditional marriage, you may have to adjust to the way of life of family members. This may not always be bad, but sometimes it can impinge on your freedom. It is possible that certain things you want to do may be frowned upon by family members or hurt their sentiments. Such issues are unlikely in a live-in, as only the two of you will be sharing the space.

Stress – As live-in relationships usually do not have a social safety net, it can lead to emotions such as stress and insecurity. This is especially true if one of the partners is financially dependent on the other. Things are easier in a marriage, as you have the support and backing of family members and the community as well.

Easy to move-on – Relationships evolve and sometimes things can take a wrong turn. In such cases, a live-in would be advantageous, as you can move-on without any hassles. In comparison, getting out from a troubled marriage can be a lengthy legal process.

The choice between live-in or marriage will eventually depend on things you value most. Other aspects may also come into play such as social and cultural factors, community beliefs, and consent of your family members. You and your partner should be clear about your specific needs and preferences. Based on that, you can decide which option is better – live-in or marriage.

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