Love Or Arranged Marriage – Which One’s Better?

Well, this is a topic that can spark endless discussions with plenty of supporters on both sides. Obviously, such questions are difficult to answer and even the answers may not come with a guarantee. There are pros and cons of both love and arranged marriage and eventually you will have to decide things that you value most. If you are faced with the question of love vs. arranged marriage, here are some key things you need to consider.

Focus on the individual – Rather than thinking about love or arranged marriage, you should try to find out if the individual is the right partner for you. It really doesn’t matter if the individual is your love interest or someone introduced to you by your family or relatives. Spend some time together so that you can better understand how you two work as a partner.

Financial security – Financial problems are among the leading cause of arguments and fights among couples. Financial issues can impact both love and arranged marriages. Before two people enter the institution of marriage, it’s important to ensure that there’s financial stability to sustain the relationship. Such things are often overlooked by people in love. However, hasty decisions can lead to problems at a later stage.

Own vs. family happiness – Love marriages without the consent of respective families can be a huge emotional burden for the individuals involved. It conveys the statement that you value your own happiness more than the happiness of your family members. While that may be okay to some extent, what you might miss in future is the safety net that a family provides. If you face relationship issues or any other problems, you won’t have anyone to back you or support you.

Sharing your story – You might believe that your love story is the most fascinating in the world. However, if your marriage was against the wishes of your family, there will be no one to listen to your stories. This can create an emotional vacuum and also affect your relationship in an adverse manner.

With the above points, it may seem that arranged marriages are better than love marriages. However, that’s not the case. Statistically, arranged marriages work our better, as they have lower divorce rates. But that can also be due to family or societal pressure. In comparison, love marriages give you more freedom to explore and learn from your mistakes.

Overall, remember that both love and arranged marriages can fail. There’s no one who can guarantee that your marriage will be successful. So consider all important factors such as your family, financial security and your own preferences before you choose love or arranged marriage.

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