Marriage: The Wrong Reasons To Take The Plunge

If you are over thirty, people will usually enquire about your plans of getting married. Marriage may have its benefits, but being forced into it is not something that you would want. Often, people end up marrying for the wrong reasons, which may not be good for the future relationship of the couple. Let’s take a look at some of the wrong reasons that prompt people to enter the institution of marriage.

To nurse a broken heart: Sometimes, people marry just to get over their past relationship. They are unable to bear their pain and loneliness and assume that marriage will provide the love and security they need. However, this may or may not come true. On the contrary, people carrying the baggage of their past relationships may actually harm their marriage.

Everyone else is married: You look around and notice that all your friends are married and many of them have school-going kids. You feel alienated and find it difficult to socialize with your married friends, who now have an entirely different outlook towards life. These thoughts can create a false sense of urgency and may prompt you to get hitched.

You are aging fast: You notice signs of ageing and wonder how you will take care of yourself when you get even older. You will also hear constant reminders from your family members and friends that you are running out of time. Such things create fear of the future and may prompt people to get married. However, taking decisions out of fear may not always work in your favor.

For money: Some people get married just to gain financial security. You meet someone with a nice car, a big house, high-paying salary or business and decide to marry that person. Sure money plays an important role in life, but it does not guarantee success of relationships. Cases of marriages crumbling and divorces are quite common among the rich and famous.

It’s not that people marrying for the wrong reasons always end up sad and deprived of love. There have been cases where people who married for wrong reasons had a happy married life. However, the risks are significant, so you need to be careful. If you are committing to marriage, make sure you don’t carry any past baggage and avoid having unnecessary expectations. If you do so, your marriage will have a good chance of success, irrespective of the reasons that may have led you into it.

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