Matrimonial Sites Fraud Alert: Your ideal life partner could be a conman

Matrimonial sites such as,,,, etc. have become the hunting ground for cyber criminals in recent times. You may think that you have finally found your ideal life partner, but think again, because the person you may have been communicating with could easily be a conman. Every year, thousands of matrimonial related fraud cases are registered with the police across the country. The targets are usually women, but cases involving men being conned have also been reported. To avoid such frauds, let’s take a look at some of the most common tricks employed by fraudsters on matrimonial sites.

Demand for money: Such cases occur after the fraudster has built a good rapport with the victim. The fraudster will tell the victim that they have sent a very costly gift, but the same is stuck with the customs department. They will then ask the victim to transfer money to a specific bank account to get the gift released from customs. In some cases, fraudsters also demand money to purchase or build a house on the promise of marriage. However, once they receive the money, they stop communicatingwiththe victim. People have lost lakhs of rupees due to such frauds. Women in their 30s and 40s are most vulnerable, as they have an urgent need to find a partner and settle down. Fraudsters know their weakness and exploit it fully to rob them of their life’s savings.

Identity theft: In such cases, the fraudster will ask for your personal details such as your phone number, email address, bank account details, PAN card, Aadhaar details, etc. To make you believe, the fraudster can give you logical reasons such as investing in a home for your future life, getting the documents ready for the marriage registration, getting your visa/passport processed, etc. The fraudster will basically sell you a dream and get all your confidential information in exchange. From there, you can imagine what they can do. They can use your personal information for getting loans from banks, committing other frauds and criminal acts, etc.

Blackmail: People looking for a life partner on matrimonial sites often start communicating on social media and online chat. Once the fraudster wins the confidence of the victim, they will start getting intimate online and may ask for webcam chatting or private pictures. The victim obliges since they think that they have already found their ideal life partner. Once the fraudster gets the intimate video or photo of the victim, they start blackmailing them. The most common threat given to the victim is that their intimate photos or videos will be uploaded on the internet if they don’t pay up.

Fake profiles and Bullying: Some people just visit matrimonial sites to bully others who may be genuinely looking for a life partner. Bullies can abuse you on your mobile number or through the communication system on the matrimonial site. Bullies can send you dirty messages and images and they are not afraid since it is likely that they have created a fake profile on the matrimonial site. Bullies will continue to trouble you until you report the matter to the police or change your phone number and other details.

Fraudsters are quite intelligent and they continue to find new ways to deceive people on matrimonial sites. So, always be watchful when searching for your life partner on matrimonial sites. Never transfer money online, don’t share your personal details, and never get intimate on online communication platforms. A genuine person will never demand such things from you. A genuine person will only be looking for a suitable life partner, just like you are. Anything else could be a potential fraud, wherein you simply need to say “NO”.

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