Most Corrupt Police In World – Be Watchful Where You Travel

In a perfect world, police personnel are supposed to catch the criminals, maintain law and order and protect its people. However, since we happen to live in an imperfect world, not every police personnel can be relied upon to fulfill their duties. Corruption in police force is a global phenomenon with the only difference that the magnitude of corruption varies from country to country.

While the police in some countries are respected and appreciated, there are countries where police personnel are perceived as corrupt. To understand how things stand at the global level, here’s a quick look at some of the most corrupt police forces in the world.

Iraq police – A country in the process of rebuilding itself, Iraq faces challenges on numerous fronts. Corruption in police force is one such problem. Iraqi police have been found to be involved in ransom payment and kidnapping. Bribery is a standard practice in Iraqi police force. They also have limited success in controlling terror activities.

Myanmar (Burma) Police – With a strong democratic framework missing in Myanmar, the police are essentially free to act as per their wish. Myanmar police have often been found to extort money from civilians. They also ask victims to pay up if they want the investigation to progress in any case.

Kenya Police – Bribe has become a standard practice for Kenya police. According to a survey, 92 percent of Kenyan people said that they consider their police as corrupt. Many of them also said that they had paid bribe to police in last twelve months. In Kenya, one has to pay bribe even for basic utility services. Similarly, there are bribes for permits, registration, education, healthcare, etc.

Mexico police – Being a hub for drug mafia, law enforced is a pretty tough job in Mexico. Often, police personnel in Mexico have been found to be working in collusion with drug traffickers. The police do not want to mess with the dangerous mafia people, which is why they play it safe. The police in Mexico have low pay, which is another reason for their corrupt practices. Sometimes, even innocent citizens are put in jail to cover up for the crimes of drug traffickers.

Haiti Police – Located in the Caribbean, Haiti is currently facing several challenges including poor infrastructure, political instability, lack of healthcare and poverty. Corruption is also very high in Haiti. The police in Haiti have been often accused of serious charges such as kidnapping, police brutality, human rights violations and drug trafficking. Haiti police has also been slow in responding to gang-related violence.

If you have made travel plans to countries with corrupt police, make sure you have all the papers and approvals in place. Also try not to get into trouble that may require you to seek help from the police. Keep the phone number of your home country’s embassy, so that you can approach them in case you face any issues with the police. Last but not least, you need to remember that not every police person is corrupt. If you are lucky, you may find a good cop that may actually help you out.

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