Why People Break-up?

Most relationships start with a bang, where couples experience a range of emotions including everything from love to joy, happiness and bliss. During the initial stages of a relationship, most couples also believe that they were meant to be together and that theirrelationship will last forever. Many couples do make it together till the end and it makes for delightful stories. However, not everyone gets to live happily ever after and break-ups are quite common among both married and unmarried couples. So why do some couples break-up? Well, to answer that question, here are some of the most common reasons why people break-up.

People get bored: It’s said that some couples just fall out of love, but the real reason is that some couples get bored of each other. Either one or both partners may get bored of each other. This happens gradually over several months or years.

Someone better comes along: One of the partners may find someone who is more appropriate for them. Someone they can relate to in a better way, someone who understands them better, someone they can talk to and share things more freely, etc.

Professional growth: One of the partners may have evolved faster in their professional career, which may give them a false sense of being superior to their partner. Such thoughts in a relationship can lead to break-ups.

Financial issues: Couples struggling with money are likely to face discord and fights on a regular basis. If it continues unabated, it could lead to break-ups.

Lying: One of the partners may have a habit of lying, which may not have been noticeable in the early stage of the relationship. However, when couples start living together, such things are easily revealed and could lead to a break-up.

Lack of children: Children are the next stage in the evolution of a relationship. If there are no children, even after 4-5 years of living together, it can start affecting the relationship and lead to break-up.

Alcohol & drugs: Any bad habits such as drugs or excessive alcohol can result in break-up. Such habits indicate that an individual is not satisfied with their life or relationship. This is why they take to drugs and alcohol for relief.

Lack of adequate sex: A healthy sex life is one of the pillars of a successfulrelationship. If a couple is not getting enough sex, it may create distances and eventually lead to a break-up.

Changing life goals: Initially, both partners may have shared similar life goals and aspirations. However, with time, such goals and aspirations may change. If both partners have started walking towards different life goals, it may create distances and can lead to break-ups.

There is no specific remedy for avoiding break-ups. People should go with the flow and if break-up is the destiny, they need to embrace it rather than fight it. Just like changing seasons, life should go on. When the moment comes, the sun shall shine and the flowers will bloom again.

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