Most Expensive Homes In The World

From shanties to single rooms, apartments, row houses and bungalows – these are the usual abodes for the masses. However, when it comes to the super rich and famous, their homes are bound to be extra-large and grand. These ultra-luxury homes are no less than the stuff of fairytales and way beyond the imagination of the common man. To understand the perks of being rich, here’s a quick look at some of the most expensive homes in the world.

Odeon Tower penthouse – Located in the Principality of Monaco, Odeon Tower is a double-skyscraper that became operational in 2015. It measures 170 meters, has 49 floors and a total of 259 residences. It has several private luxury residences measuring more than 1200 sq. mt. However, the primary attraction is the top level penthouse that covers 5 floors. It is estimated to offer 3500 sq. mt. of interior space. Market price of Odeon Tower penthouse is estimated to be USD 400 million.

Villa Les Cèdres – Located on the French Riviera, Villa Les Cèdres was built in 1830 for the King of Belgium. Over the years, the ownership of this beautiful mansion has changed hands several times. This property offers around 1700 sq. mt. of internal space and is situated on 35 acres of land. The current owner is Rinat Akhmetov, who is considered as the richest man in Ukraine. The current market price of Villa Les Cèdres is estimate to be USD 450 million.

Villa Leopolda – Located along the scenic Mediterranean coastline, Villa Leopolda is said to be more than a century old. Over the years, the property has undergone various changes based on the preferences of owners. It is situated on a 50 acre land and has 11 bedrooms. It has swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and a dedicated helipad. The current owner is Lily Safra, who is a billionaire, socialite and philanthropist. The current market price of Villa Leopolda is estimated to be USD 750 million.

Antilia – Located in Mumbai, India, Antilia is the private residence of billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The property stands 173 meters high and has 27 floors. Overall interior space is estimated to be 37,000 sq. mt. The property has various facilities such as swimming pool, terrace gardens, ballroom, and three helipads. Although not for sale, Antilia’s market value is estimated to be USD 2.2 billion.

Buckingham Palace – One of the most iconic landmarks in Britain, Buckingham Palace is the residence of the monarch of the United Kingdom. The original structure was built in 1703 and it has undergone several changes over the years. The property is owned by the British Royal family. It is spread over an area of 40 acres and has interior space of more than 75,000 sq. mt. If the property were to be sold, it would command a price of approximately USD 2.9 billion.

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