Most Puzzling Questions Science Can’t Answer Yet

It’s true that science has made significant progress over the years and expanded the collective knowledge of humankind manifold. It is science that has helped us build complex machines and supercomputers, unlock the digital space, discover new medicines and vaccines, and explore the vast universe. However, it’s surprising that even with so much progress, there are questions that still puzzle scientists. To understand the limitations of science, let’s take a quick look at some intriguing questions that science can’t answer yet.

What came first, chicken or egg? – This question is just another way of saying ‘how life began on earth?’ Our planet is teeming with thousands of plants, animals and microscopic organisms, but nobody really knows how it all began. Many scientists believe that the basic building blocks of life such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, etc. were always present. The right environment could have resulted in creation of the first cellular organisms. Some people also think that aliens seeded earth with life forms.

Are we alone in the universe? – Scientists have been searching for extraterrestrial life since several decades, but we are yet to find anything living outside our planet. Many researchers believe that life does exist in other places in the universe and it’s just a matter of time when we will find them. However, no one can say for sure how long that might take. Some people also believe that life is something very rare and may have occurred only on earth.

What happens when you die? – There are various theories such as our soul transcending space-time, making its way to heaven or hell based on our karma and being reborn again either in animal or human form. Many people believe that ‘we just die’ and nothing really happens after that. However, if we look into experiences of people with near-death events, it surely points towards the possibility of afterlife.

Is reality real? – Is the world we see and touch real or are we inside some sort of a computer game? The concept of reality is quite puzzling and we can’t really be sure if this is real or just some lines of code making up everything that we see, touch and smell. Scientists are yet to understand the nature of realty, which suggests that concepts shown in movies like Matrix may actually be true.

Is time travel possible? – Time travel could be a wonderful experience, but it may have consequences. And how can you be sure that this is your present. It is possible that you are already time travelling and may be in your past or future. Theoretical physicists believe that time travel may be possible, but we are yet to discover the tools and equipment to make it happen.

Science has solved a lot of mysteries and we hope that these questions too will be answered one day. As artificial intelligence (AI) and humans join forces, it is possible that our quest for the ultimate truth will be fulfilled a lot earlier than expected.

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