Navigating the Layoff Season: Essential Tips for Freshers Seeking Employment

Up until September 30, 2023, Indian start-ups laid off at least 13,000 plus workers. This closely resembles the total number of layoffs expected in 2022. 5,400 plus (approx.) and 5,300 plus (approx.) start-up employees were let go in the first and second quarters of 2023, respectively. Freshmen entering the workforce may feel intimidated during this difficult layoff season. But there are also opportunities during this time for those who have the correct tactics. Here are some crucial pointers to get your job hunt off to a great start:

  1. Keep an optimistic Attitude: Looking for a job can be a difficult process, but it’s important to keep an optimistic outlook. TeamLease employer surveys administered during Apr and May 2023 reveal that 73% of respondents intend to hire in all categories. For the current HY [July–December 2022], hiring intent for freshers is 65%. There is a little 3% increase over the January–June 2023, data (62%). Thus, maintain a schedule, take care of yourself, and ask mentors or career counselors for assistance.

  2. Examine Freelance and Internship Opportunities: These two types of employment can offer significant experience and a foot in the door. Additionally, they provide chances for you to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers. E-commerce and technology Start-ups (59%), Telecommunication (53%), and Engineering & Infrastructure (50%) are the top three industries that want to hire freshers in the current HY [July–December 2023], according to TeamLease employer surveys conducted in April and May of 2023.

  3. Optimize Your Resume: Make sure that it emphasizes your accomplishments, experiences, and abilities. According to TeamLease employer surveys done in April and May of 2023, the most in-demand skills for a fresher include, among others, cloud computing, SEO, blockchain, subject matter expertise, and data analysis.

  4. Enhancement of Skills: In a competitive employment market, upskilling is essential. Determine which talents are in demand in your industry and make an investment in online courses or seminars to expand your expertise. According to TeamLease employer surveys done in April and May of 2023, popular in-demand courses aligned to the skills that the employers expect candidates to possess are Data Science with R Certification Course, Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine, Learning, Professional Certificate Program in, Blockchain, Project Management Professional, Certification Course, Business Analyst Certification, SQL Certification Training Course, Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, Effective Business Communication Course, Soft Skills & Personality Development, Course, Full Stack Web Programming/Web Design, Certification

  5. Utilize Your Network: For job seekers, networking is still a very effective tactic. Participate in webinars, online job fairs, and professional networking on sites like LinkedIn.

Freshers may take a proactive approach to their job search during this layoff season by honing their abilities, making good use of networks, and remaining resilient. Their prospects of landing fulfilling work in a competitive job market can be improved by putting these methods into practice.

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