NexHomes Offers Innovative Smart Homes At an Affordable Price

From phones to watches, we get excited about something ‘smart’ is used as a prefix. Smartphones, smart refrigerators, smart watches, smart showers, smart thermostats, smart showers and smart bulbs have become quite common. The one ‘smart’ idea that is quite new but is being adapted quickly by people living in India is that of a ‘smart home’. And, the one company that has revolutionized the concept of smart homes and made it more accessible is NexHomes.

NexHomes, which is the brainchild of the dynamic entrepreneur Muhammad Ali, was set up as a company that would introduce Indians to the concept of smart homes and would familiarize them with several smart equipment, tools and ideas that would enhance their standard of living and help them make the best use of technology.

Talking about the vision behind NexHomes, founder and CEO Muhammad Ali says, “I firmly believe that technology, if utilized and implemented properly, can bring a very positive change in our lives. While people in our country have got used to different forms of technology in the last couple of years, their homes lacked a sense of innovation. This is when we decided to step in and started working towards providing them with homes that are smart and innovative in every sense of the word”.

Based in the coastal city of Kozhikode, NexHomes has now expanded its base to multiple geographic locations. Apart from putting together smart homes for a large clientele based in different parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it has also transformed pre-existing properties into smart homes. In the near future, the company plans to expand its base considerably and hopes to have an international presence as well.

“Every time, somebody would mention the term ‘smart home’, one would feel it is something that is very expensive and inaccessible. NexHomes specializes in offering smart homes to individuals at affordable prices. We plan everything carefully and that helps us keep our costs in check. We have a large team of well-experienced professionals who not only have a sound knowledge of architecture but are also well-versed in technology. This helps us create homes that are not just smart but sustainable as well”, says Muhammad.

The smart homes offered by NexHomes come equipped with cutting-edge features and new-age technology and modern equipment like home theatre systems, EV charging points, private gymnasiums and work-from-home office spaces. These smart homes are designed keeping in mind the preferences and sensibilities of the clients.

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