Rubaroo – A Lustful First Sight Love”: Krishna Gautam’s Sensational New Song Sparks Passion and Chemistry

The eagerly awaited song “Rubaroo – A Lustful First Sight Love,” sung by Amit Sawant and starring the talented Krishna Gautam, was unveiled on August 20, 2023. This sensational composition ignites the senses and delves into the profound chemistry and unspoken desires that arise when two souls meet for the first time.

“Rubaroo – A Lustful First Sight Love” is a scintillating musical journey that captures the intensity of immediate attraction through its powerful lyrics and fiery melodies. Amit Sawant’s soulful vocals and unique composition perfectly mirror the emotions of newfound passion and charm.

In this captivating music video, Krishna Gautam and Shivam Lavania deliver exceptional performances, embodying the essence of the song’s narrative. From their outfits to the stunning locations, every aspect of the video is meticulously crafted to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Created by the talented Krishna Gautam, the song features an impressive lineup of creative minds. Amit Sawant not only lent his voice but also composed the music. The lyrics, written by Amit Kumaran with additional lyrics by Amit Sawant, are a testament to their poetic prowess. The story and screenplay by Pawan Mishra provide a compelling backdrop to the song’s intense emotions.

Behind the lens, DOPs Narayan Dixit and Srinivas Mandidi beautifully captured the chemistry between the lead artists, while choreographers Krishna Gautam and Rahul infused the video with dynamic dance sequences. The style, makeup, and hair, orchestrated by Sana Lakhani and Suprabha Jadhav, respectively, complement the overall aesthetic.

XYZ Productions Pvt. Ltd. ensured a seamless production process, while XYZ Music provided the captivating tunes that set the tone for the entire video. The post-production magic was woven by Audio Lab, with editing by Mohan Rathod and DI by Hemant Thapa. The song’s arrangement and production were meticulously handled by Amit Sawant, with the final mix and master by Sunny M.R. at Chordfather Production.

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