Orchids The International School Empowers Students with Cyber Security Knowledge through Informative Workshop

Gurgaon, 26th July 2023 – Orchids The International School took a significant step towards enhancing the digital safety of its students and staff by organizing a comprehensive Cyber Security Workshop. The workshop aimed to equip young learners with essential knowledge and awareness about online safety, cybersecurity threats, and responsible digital citizenship in today's interconnected world.

The Cyber Security Workshop, held at the Golf Course Gurgaon branch, featured esteemed Cyber Security expert, Dr. Rakshit Tandon, as the host. Dr. Tandon, with his vast expertise in the field, engaged the participants with valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the digital landscape securely. The workshop encompassed a range of vital topics, including threats like Online Privacy and Security Measures, Cyberbullying and Online Harassment, Social Media Awareness, Digital Footprint, and Reputation Management.

The Cyber Security Expert Dr. Rakshit Tandon said, “By raising awareness about cyber threats and providing practical strategies, this workshop empowered participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the online world safely. With heightened awareness about cyber threats and the implementation of practical strategies, they now possess the necessary armor to defend against potential attacks. As they continue to share their insights and spread cyber awareness, they contribute to creating a safer online environment for all." The cyber safety workshop conducted by Dr. Rakshit Tandon proved to be an informative and engaging event for students. By raising awareness about cyber threats, providing practical strategies, and emphasizing responsible online behavior, the workshop equipped students with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the online world safely. The 4 rules of social media include: Security, Safety, Well-being & Privacy

For any online fraud-related issues, the attendees were reminded to contact 1930 immediately
or visit www.cybercrime.gov.in.

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