PNB Metlife’s Mera Term Plan provides COVID-19 Claim

When you purchase term insurance, you are joining hands with a life insurance product that serves you the medical policy claims for a fixed duration of time. You get a premium based on a medical examination, and your age and life expectancy are also taken into consideration. PNB Metlife’s online term plan is an easy-to-access insurance plan which comes under the banner, “Mera Term Plan.”

PNB’s Mera Term Plan isn’t just any other online term plan. It goes beyond the realms of providing insurance to the applicant and covers the whole family of the applicant’s loved ones. With a term coverage of more than 80 years, this online term plan is human’s best companion against COVID-19.

The liable sum is dependent on the current income of your family. In India, one comes across the various blends and trends in terms of who earns for the family. If you and your spouse are earning together, the premium will be calculated accordingly, and if you are the sole bread-earner, it will be taken into consideration as well. To make the process convenient for the customer, PNB offers a protection calculator on its website, and you can use that to calculate all the associated numbers. This way, you can get the information by digital methods, and you don’t have to step out for it, and the guidelines of social distancing are fortunately not violated.

How to get Mera Term Plan Amidst COVID-19?

The process of getting the Mera Term Plan is hassle-free, and you can get it whenever you are ready with the required set of documents. You don’t have to leave your premises, and the complete process is carried out digitally with the same level of security.

  1. It’s always better to get a quotation beforehand and therefore, it is advised to use the protection calculator and get a figure for yourself and your family.
  2. Select the number of riders, and you also have access to modify the liable cover and other co-related aspects of the insurance plan. The coverage starts at a minimum of 10 lakhs INR and goes up to 5 crore rupees.
  3. Fill in your personal details, and alongside that, you’ll also need to answer questions based on your family’s health history, and your medical evaluation will also take place. A critical aspect of this evaluation is your smoking status, and it has an impact on the life coverage premium.
  4. Pay for the plan that suits your scheme of things. Congratulations! You have taken a responsible step, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic and even when it’s over, the online term plan is there to stay. The tenure of any policy that you proceed with lies in the bracket of 10-81 years.

Mera Term Plan – The Advantages 

Listed below are some of the critical benefits when you opt Mera Term Plan:

  1. Pocket-Friendly: term insurance plans are always credited with being a value for money investment. The premiums that you are liable to pay under such term plans are directly dependent on your current medical scenario. Healthier the lifestyle, lower the tentative premiums that you’ll have to pay. PNB has always been the pillar for empowering the women of our country, and under the same vision, women enjoy premiums lesser than men.
  2. Tension-Free Lifestyle: with Mera Term Plan, you can say goodbye to the worries that surround you when you think about life aspects like death, financial crisis and other unfortunate events. A term plan offers the best ROI when it’s inculcated at a young age. You don’t have to pay increased premiums, and the associated life cover is much higher in comparison to a plan that’s opted in the later stages. Securing your family at an early age is beneficial because when you do so, your child becomes aware of the importance that term insurance holds. They are the future torch-bearers, and when they are responsible, a tension-free life is always up for grabs.
  3. Increased Stability: a stable life is something many dream of, yet, only a few are able to live one such life. A major factor that contributes to a stable life is the peace of mind. When a person eats well, thinks well and works well, life takes the stable route. To ensure that you have the required peace of mind, you need assurance of the not-so-distant future. That’s where the Mera Term Plan comes in and provides you with the assurance you need. You now have the backing of a term insurance plan that’ll take care of all the financial needs of your family even when you’re not there with them.

To Conclude

Punjab National Bank has always been the bar of innovation, and all of its customer policies are a testimonial to the statement. PNB was one of the quickest banks to maintain UPI-friendly servers when UPI first broke into the banking functionality. With the Mera Term Plan, PNB aims to provide people with quality term insurance services keeping in mind the growing state of the dreaded Coronavirus. As the famous saying goes, “The show must go on,” PNB offers an online term plan that covers the safety of you and your family, making sure that the show of life smoothly goes on. The pandemic will end sooner rather than later, but a responsible person of the family won’t risk the financial stability of their loved ones under any circumstances.

The premiums are kept at very affordable prices, and the process to get a term plan is very simple. Women get added perks and are required to pay lesser premiums because PNB knows the importance every single woman holds in our country, which is also symbolized as a “mother.” You can visit PNB Metlife’s official website to get a term plan quote for your family and choose any of the policies available there. Be aware of online phishing and fraudulent websites that claim that they offer insurance services and make an online purchase from the official website only.

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