Recipe : Amazonia


  • Lychee infused Ketel (200gm)

  • One vodka (60ml)

  • Palosanto Cordial (25ml)

  • Sparkling Wine (Top Up)


For the Lychee Infused Vodka

Infused (200 gms) fresh chopped lychee with (500 ml) of vodka, in a sous vide bag for 24 hours.

For the Palosanto Cordial 

Infuse (1 stick) Palosanto into (250 ml) of sugar syrup. To that add (4 gms) citric and (2 gms) malic acid.

In a mix jar. Add (60 ml) Lychee Vodka and (25 ml) Palosanto Cordial. Stir till dilution and temperature is achieved.

Pour over a big block of ice in an old fashioned glass.

Top up with sparkling wine and serve with flower

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