Smriti Irani to Inaugurate Indian Publishers Conference 2023 on August 11-12

# Indian Publishers Conference 2023: Empowering India’s Literary Legacy

# Indian Publishers Conference 2023 to be held in New Delhi on August 11th and 12th

New Delhi, August 7, 2023:

The Federation of Indian Publishers will be organising the highly anticipated Indian Publishers Conference 2023, an extraordinary event commemorating the golden jubilee celebration of the Federation at the esteemed Claridges Hotel in New Delhi on August 11th and 12th. This momentous occasion marks 50 years of unwavering excellence and progress in the Indian publishing industry, setting the stage for a brighter and self-reliant India.

The Indian Publishers Conference 2023 will elevate the grandeur of the Indian publishing industry, welcoming esteemed guests and renowned keynote speakers from various spectrums. Joining us will be the Chief Guest Honourable Minister of Women and Child, Minority Affairs, Government of India, Smriti Irani, Dr RajKumar Ranjan Singh, MOS External Affairs & Education, Government of India, Justice Prathiba Singh, Delhi High Court, Justice Jasmeet Singh, Delhi High Court, Shri Sunil Deodhar, National Secretary, BJP, Prashant Nanda, Member of Parliament, Lt Col Yuvraj Malik Director, National Book Trust, and Dr K Sreenivasan Rao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi, among other influential personalities.

Smriti Irani in her inspiring message to the federation had aptly stated, “As we embrace the Amrit Kaal, the next 25 years, let us empower our aspirations and build a Self-Reliant India. In this noble pursuit, knowledge assumes a central role, with the publishing industry serving as a vanguard of enlightenment.”

The conference’s theme, “India@2047: Role of Publishing in Nation Building,” resonates deeply with the country’s vision and progress. As India ascends as a global powerhouse, this extraordinary event will delve into the pivotal role of publishing in shaping the nation’s future. The publishing industry, steeped in a rich legacy, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, capturing both domestic and international markets with its diverse content formats and focus on originality.

Emphasising its commitment to national priorities, the Indian publishing industry has played a vital role in initiatives such as “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” and “Make in India.” During the upcoming conference, we will delve into the industry’s advancements amidst the digital revolution, empowering publishers to adapt to changing demands and leverage technology’s potential for broader outreach, increased revenue, and more employment opportunities.

As India looks ahead towards the year 2047, the Indian Publishers Conference 2023 will illuminate new horizons, fostering import-export trade, promoting talent development, and enhancing education and knowledge dissemination. It will underscore the publishing industry’s significance in building a self-reliant nation where the power of ideas, knowledge, and creativity from India enriches the lives of countless readers worldwide.

The Preseident FIP, said team is working hard to host the Indian Publishers Conference next week and to make it a grand success. Publishers all across the country are so excited to participate and enjoy the deliberations that the conference is almost oversubscribed in terms of participants. Everyone is happy about the sessions curated by the organizers and the central theme ‘India@2047 : Role of Publishing in Nation Building’ is drawing an absolutely special attention. It’s a pleasure to see Sahitya Akademi and National Book Trust, India joining the conference whole-heartedly.

The Conference Director, Mr Pranav Gupta, passionately shared his thoughts, “The Indian Publishers Conference 2023 shall echo as a testament to our collective endeavour in making India a developed country by 2047 when we celebrate 100 years of Independence. Together, we shall script a narrative of progress, innovation, and inclusivity, where the power of ideas, knowledge, and creativity from India enriches the lives of countless readers worldwide.”

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