sting video viral,Panchayat secretary caught in objectionable situation celebrating Rangrelia

Patna/By Shubham@Nirala

government of Sushasan Babu, the government employees were leaving their official work and making their father a den of ayasi. This was revealed when a person associated with the panchayat was constantly making rounds of his office to get work done for him. in a locked room

Caught celebrating the rally. And during this time he made all the pictures of the office, in which the pictures of other objectionable situations including drinking glasses were recorded in the camera and made viral. However, the channel does not confirm the viral video. It is said that Bhim Kumar is posted as Secretary of Katesar Panchayat of Bihta block. Who was caught having physical relationship with a woman in the government quarters room allotted by the government in the premises of the block office, as well as alcohol to spill the jam. Arrangements were also made. It can be clearly seen in the viral video that a woman was found in a semi-naked state in a room of the secretary’s government quarter. Shutting down the camera, the woman started telling her relative. Block officers remain ignorant of the viral video, now it has to be seen that in the government of good governance, how will the government babu be done. Celebrate Rangraliya with the woman in the government quarters. Villagers present on the spot told that they go round the secretary’s office to get the signature and work done on the paper. But the work is not done. But when this viral video was seen, This monsieur wants to kill the victim of his lust in the broad daylight. Caught celebrating Rangraliya in the porter’s room and drinking alcohol while flouting prohibition. While demanding from the same government, he said that strict action should be taken against this government babu who should not do any such act in future.

In this regard, Secretary Bhim Kumar said that such a video has been made viral to blackmail us by making a false video. We do not have any information in this matter.

The same BDO Vishal Anand told that Panchayat Secretary cum Gramsevak Bhim Prasad lives in a ruined government residence in the block premises. And living in it does the work of the government. A video of him has been reported to be viral. In which he is with a woman. Being seen doing obscene acts. After receiving the information, a written complaint has been made to the Panchayati Raj Department. Whatever action will be taken by the department, it will be done and instructions have been issued to Bhim Prasad to vacate the government residence immediately. At the same time, he told that if people are seen drinking alcohol in the video, then the complete prohibition law is in force in Bihar and if they drink alcohol, then action will be taken against them by registering a case under the Bihar Illegal Liquor Act.

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