The Damages You Can Expect to Be Covered in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

An accident victim will sustain various losses. Recovering from the losses and returning to normal life will take quite a while. Luckily, you can claim compensation for your losses if the accident was not your fault. The at-fault party will have to cover all the losses you incurred as a result of the accident.

In an accident, generally, you will sustain two types of losses:

  1. Economic
  2. Non-Economic

These two are the major categories, and all the other losses fall under one of these categories. Visit to learn more about economic and non-economic losses.

In this blog post, we will discuss the losses that will be covered in a personal injury lawsuit. Instead of covering the two major categories, we will cover the subcategories.

The Losses the At-Fault Party Will Cover

First, you should be aware of your losses only. Then you can claim compensation. If you are not sure of your losses, you will end up obtaining a lower compensation. This is why it is important to speak with a lawyer following an accident. They will educate you about the losses you will incur and how you can claim them. Here are the losses you can claim in a personal injury case:

Medical Bills

Medical bills are a sub-category of economic losses. It is one of the primary losses every victim will sustain. In an accident, you will definitely be injured. Some accidents cause major injuries, and some cause minor injuries. Anyhow, to recover from physical injuries, you need to seek medical attention.

Healthcare is not cheap. Most can’t afford healthcare. Seeking medical attention can put a hole in your pocket and cripple your family financially. Luckily, you are eligible to claim compensation for medical bills. A lawyer will calculate the total amount you spent on healthcare as a result of the accident and claim compensation from the at-fault party.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are also a loss that falls under economic losses. When you are hurt due to an accident, obviously, you will take some time off from work. The companies will cut your pay for the days you are on leave. The amount you lost due to this reason is said to be lost wages.

Personal injury lawyers will calculate the amount you would have earned if you had gone to work and claim it as compensation. For example, if you earn $250/day and miss work for 10 days due to an accident, your claim amount will be $2500.

Property Damage

Damage to property is another major loss. Most often, you will sustain property damage in vehicle accidents. Your vehicle could have been damaged in the accident. The expense you will incur to repair the vehicle is said to be a kind of economic loss.

You can get an estimate from the mechanic to repair your vehicle completely and claim compensation for that expense too. If your vehicle had other issues or dents before the accident, you cannot claim compensation for repair costs for those dents or issues.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are the feelings you will feel following an accident. Injuries will cause not only expenses but also unbearable pain. You might have guessed it. This is a sub-category of non-economical damage. Feeling unbearable pain due to someone else’s negligence is unfair. You can put a definitive value on your pain. Your lawyer will decide how much to claim, depending on your case.

Loss of Quality of Life and Enjoyment

Some accidents can cause permanent disabilities. In these cases, you will face a loss in quality of life. You might not be able to perform the tasks you did on your own before the accident due to your disability. This can cause emotional trauma for the victim. Also, you might not be able to enjoy or participate in the things you enjoy. These are the worst kinds of losses you will sustain due to an accident.

Final Thoughts

You will sustain many types of losses due to an accident. The losses incurred will differ based on your case. A lawyer can help you understand the losses you will incur and obtain fair compensation for those losses. Filing a personal injury case is the best way to recover your losses. Hope this blog post helped you understand the losses the at-fault party will cover.

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