Things You Need to do to Prevent Explosion Following a Car Accident

Car accidents can be devastating, especially when a fire occurs. The heat from the fire can damage the parts within the vehicle and potentially ignite fuel lines, causing a massive fire or an explosion.

If the accident was not your fault, contact a lawyerafter putting out the fire. Speak with experienced lawyers, such as the car accident lawyers at The Bruning Law Firm, who can protect your rights and ensure you get justice. They will also be able to advise you on how best to proceed with your case to get compensation for any losses or injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

Here are some tips you can follow to prevent explosions following a car accident.

Put Out the Fire Using a Fire Extinguisher

When a car accident occurs, there is always the risk of fire. This can be caused by the impact itself or a fuel leak. The first thing you need to do after the accident is put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. If there is an oil leak, then stop it by covering it with sand or dirt. If sparks come from the engine, cover them with blankets or towels. In case of an explosion, ensure all occupants are out of the vehicle and away from it before attempting anything else. It is best to leave them in a safe place, such as under a tree or on top of a hill away from traffic, until help arrives.

Turn Off the Engine

You must turn off your engine as soon as possible after an accident. If possible, try to park your vehicle away from traffic so that no one else runs into it while it is still running. This is because leaving your vehicle running can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion due to gasoline fumes coming into contact with open flames from another vehicle or nearby fire. It is best not to leave any car running until law enforcement officials have arrived at the scene of the accident and deemed it safe for everyone involved.

Be Careful With Cell Phone Use in the Car

The main reason you need to be careful with cell phones after an accident is lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are used in most modern phones, including iPhones and Androids. The batteries can overheat and explode if they are damaged or punctured. If the fire from your phone comes in contact with leaking fluids from the car, that could lead to an explosion.

Disconnect the Battery

In the event of a car accident, it is important to disconnect the battery immediately. This will prevent an explosion from occurring and causing further damage to your vehicle. The battery can be found in the engine compartment and is often covered with a black plate.

Disconnecting the battery prevents sparks from igniting spilled fuel or oil on the ground around your vehicle. If these items ignite, they could cause additional damage to yourself or others around you and start a fire in your engine compartment, spreading through your entire vehicle.

Knowing what to do and not to do on the scene of a car accident can save lives that could have been taken due to an explosion caused by gasoline or oil leaking from a vehicle. By following these simple steps, you can prevent such accidents and keep people out of harm’s way.

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