This Is Why People Are Loving Quitting Jobs To Become Influencers.

The record-breaking number of people quitting their jobs since the start of the pandemic is referred to as The Great Resignation, a term coined in 2021. Many people have concluded that their work-life balance has become more essential after spending a significant amount of time working from home without commuting. Numerous studies have shown that the pandemic is the main cause of increasing burnout worldwide, including in India. Due to extended emotional and mental stress, most employees experienced burnout and tiredness, which is to blame for the significant turnover rates that businesses worldwide were forced to experience as a result of the pandemic.

Every week, another group of laid-off workers decides to try their luck in the social media work economy, another new job trend. In India, there are over 15 million influencer workers, and the industry is quickly changing to reflect the preferred working habits of millennials and Gen Z. Although employees were almost as likely to identify intangible elements connected to meaning, money isn’t enough by itself to keep them. Employees considering a career move placed job fulfillment and the ability to be one’s authentic self at work second and third, respectively.

Staff value flexibility at work more and more is preferable. There is a gap between employees’ perceptions and employers’ perceptions, as 29% of employees stated they would prefer full-time remote working but only 15% believed their business is likely to embrace this approach.

With shifting from hometown, settling in another city, increasing pollution and population, and sky-high prices of commodities. And stress build-up from office deadlines, workplace toxicity, and unrealistic deadlines are making many employees choose to leave their jobs and make a career on social media instead. It should come as no surprise that so many individuals desire to work as digital content creators or, even better, influencers, given the number of social media platforms available and the daily influx of millions of users.

Flexi-working — short for flexible-working — has become crucial across the workforce in post-pandemic India. A flexible work arrangement includes, among other things, permitting an employee to decide when they start work, where they work, and when they call it a day. Simply said, it is their decision whether to work from home, in a cafeteria, or in the organized environment of an office.

Couple Ravneet Kaur and Pushppal Singh Bhatia, @THAT COUPLE THOUGH, Jalandhar-based Influencers have been producing internet reels since the beginning. During the pandemic, they had a significant increase in their fan base, which has continued to grow.

“Our path to becoming influencers began as a hobby, but as our following grew and people began to take note of our account, we made the decision to turn it into a source of revenue. We started devoting more time to enhancing the caliber of our photos and films, and as a consequence, we collaborated with other companies,” she said, Ravneet Kaur, @THAT COUPLE THOUGH. Her husband Pushppal Singh Bhatia followed, “After Reels started, interest on the platform and followings skyrocketed. Increased brand engagements and rewards resulted from this. This has increased even more during the previous months, especially as a result of our increased visibility following the introduction of our content, he continued.

It takes genuine guts and vision to stand out in the age of social media influencers because there are many of them. To turn down free goodies and advocate for what you believe in requires dedication to your profession. It seems that a lot of people not only value what influencers do, but most social media users aspire to be influencers themselves. As an alternative, there is a group of experts who, as a result of their knowledge in a particular field, have become social media influencers.

They include business executives, thought-leaders, scientists, professors, and other professionals. These influencers have a social media presence and a platform to share their knowledge with a larger audience than if they had only written a book thanks to the internet and websites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Through their social media presence, these influencers may achieve slimline status and reap the benefits of enhanced professional recognition as well as other related professional advantages.

43 percent of millennials report having a greater level of confidence in influencers nowadays. Consumers enjoy hearing from outside sources, particularly when that source is someone they’ve gotten to know through social media and are willing to consider their opinion or advice. Social media influencers have huge fan bases on open platforms, which keep up with consistent posting. Influencers on social media are routinely contacted to promote products by businesses. Hence, the monotonous life from a 9-5 job in a corporate den is on the decline and people are embracing their freedom and passion while being on social media platforms.

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