Top 10 Craziest Driving Laws Around The World

In any country, driving laws can be quite confusing. That’s because there are hundreds of rules and quite a few of them seem unnecessary. Then there are those driving laws that seem entirely strange and bizarre. Traffic and driving rules continue for decades, so it’s natural that some of them may seem completely weird in the context of the modern world. To get a better idea, here’s a look at some of the craziest driving laws and rules from around the world.

Drive naked – In Germany, a car is treated as a private space. If you want, you can drive naked in your car. However, you have to wear something once you get out of the car. Because outside the car is a public place, where you have to follow the standard set of rules.

No dirty cars – Keeping a car clean is supposed to be a matter of personal choice. However, that’s not the case in Russia. You are not allowed to drive a dirty car in Russia. You will probably be fined if you are stopped by the cops for driving a dirty car. Whether or not your car is dirty will be determined via an on-the-spot inspection.

No car wash on Sunday – In Switzerland, Sunday is a holiday like most other parts of the world. However, if you are planning to wash your car on Sunday, you legally cannot do it in Switzerland.

Check under the car before driving – In Denmark, car users are required to check under the car before they start the car. The logic is that there could be children hiding or sleeping under the car. Cats, dogs and other animals could also be there under the car.

Let the animals pass – In South Africa, it is a rule to allow animals to pass the road. When driving on roads that pass-through forest areas, it is common to encounter animals. Users are barred from speeding up or hitting the animals. In the UAE, there is a similar level of respect given to camels crossing the road.

50% discount on penalty – Fines for driving and traffic violations can be an expensive affair. However, if you are in Spain, you can get away much cheaper. All you have to do is pay the fine within 20 days to get a discount of 50%.

Run over pedestrians – If a pedestrian comes in the way, the normal reaction is to apply the brakes. But in China, you could be fined for doing so. Essentially, you will be fined for trying to save someone’s life. The rule is probably there to enforce discipline among pedestrians. Seems quite harsh, but it’s true.

Eyes as radar speed gun – To measure a car’s speed, the tool of choice is a radar speed gun. However, things are slightly different in Austria. Here, cops are allowed to estimate a car’s speed with their bare eyes. This is limited to speeds of up to 30 kmph. Based on their estimates, cops can accordingly impose fines.

Shoot, but only if it’s a whale – In the state of Tennessee, there’s a rule to not shoot any animals from the car. However, you can shoot only if you spot a whale. It’s a fun rule, as there’s no sea or ocean in Tennessee for the whales to be spotted.

Splashing water on pedestrians not allowed – Most of us have experienced getting splashed by a vehicle going past us through wet roads. It can ruin our entire clothes. People in Japan and the UK can feel safer, as there are heavy penalties for any driver splashing water on pedestrians.

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