Top weird things you are not allowed to carry in airplanes

There are certain rules and regulations laid down by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when it comes to objects or things we can carry on a plane. We know certain things that are not allowed on a plane like any sharp objects which can be used in ways to harm or liquids above 3-4 ounces. But many weird things are not allowed to carry in airplanes and today’s article is based on that.

  • Heating pads

They might sound cosy while flying on a plane, especially while you’re sitting in economy. We know it can act as a saviour for those having aching shoulders, neck and upper back. But, alas, you can’t bring it to a place. The gel inside the healing pad is essentially liquid, thus you can’t carry it on a plane.

  • Fertilizer

Like who even will bring fertilizer in a plane? And what threat can an agricultural requirement can possess to people? Well, if you don’t know. Here’s the thing: Since fertilizers contain ammonium nitrate, it can be used as an ingredient of making something dangerous. So, you just can’t carry it at all.

  • Foam Sword Toys

Like these entirely harmless foam toys could be used like real ones! What does even this rule signify? But for TSA, safety is safety! Anything resembling weapons is not allowed. Not even these foam sword toys.

  • Cast Iron pots and pans

Every kind of pans and pots are allowed except those made up of cast-iron cookware. According to Reader’s Digest, these are made up of pure metal and they contain carbon, silicon and manganese and it makes it potentially dangerous which is why they are not allowed on planes.

  • Butane Curling Irons

Here’s something ladies needs to pay attention to. It might be convenient for you to carry cordless curling iron but unfortunately, they are not allowed because it uses butane. If it turns on by mistake the iron can catch fire. You curler needs to have a safety cover if you decide to carry it on a plane.

  • Strike Anywhere Matches

At the TSA checkpoint these strikes anywhere matches can put you in trouble. To light these matches you can strike this against any surface which is why we sort of understand why the TSA doesn’t want people to carry this item on the plane.

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