Weird sexual fetishes you never knew about

While most of us are aware of BDSM or role play stuff, there are “other” things that one derives pleasure from. While sexual fetishes can be really weird to be discussed, there are some fetishes that will guarantee blow off your mind. In this article, we have managed to unravel some of the weird sexual stuff or fantasies that you weren’t aware of, existed! Let us dig in deeper and understand them in details.

  1. Kataptronophilia: This sexual fetish involves making out or having sexual intercourse in front of the mirror. When a person is turned on because of performing sexual activities in front of the mirror is said to be Kataptronophilic.
  2. Trichophilia: This weird sexual fantasy is linked to someone’s hair. When one gets aroused with the smell of hair, by playing with someone’s hair, or simply by staring at someone’s hair; such kind of fetish is referred to as trichophilia.
  3. Voyeurism: When a person gets their jollies just by looking at other couples performing any sexual act, such weird sexual fetish is often known by voyeurism.
  4. Stigamtophilia: When a person derives pleasure simply by looking at someone’s tattoo or piercing. The tattoo or piercing need not be in a body part that is considered to be appealing; simply when a tattoo or piercing is on the arms or sheen of the person and yet you find it sexually attractive, there are chances of you being a stigmatophilic.
  5. Necrophilia: Well, this is weirdest of all the fetishes, we think! A person getting attracted to corpses is said to be necrophilic; as weird as it sounds, it is a part of the sexual fetish world.
  6. Psychrophilia: This fetish is quite common during the winter season. A person gets aroused due to the cold weather conditions or by simply looking at someone who is feeling cold.
  7. Agalmatophilia: This weird fetish involves a person deriving sexual pleasures from mannequins, dolls or statues.
  8. Fetishism: This is often referred to as the condition when a person is attracted to certain objects that have been in physical contact with the other person. Starting all the way from one’s clothes, to phones, to any other items that they have ever touched if sexually arouses you then you must be having fetishism.
  9. Anililagnia: This is a kind of fetish when a person is more often than not attracted to someone older than they are. In this condition, a person is never attracted to someone of the same age.

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