Traya’s study highlights a concerning trend: Over 50% of Indian men facing hair loss are below 25 years of age

~ ​A higher percentage of individuals are moving into later stages of hair loss, given the lack of awareness around the root causes and delayed treatment~

National, 17th October 2023: Traya, India’s first-ever health-tech brand to help treat hair loss internally, unveils noteworthy findings from its expansive study involving over 500,000 men. The data highlights that 50.31% of Indian men experiencing hair loss are under the age of 25. As per the study, 25.89% men below the age of 21 are already at Stage 3 and beyond. As the age bracket shifts to 21-25 years old, this number further increases to 33.35%. With the average Traya customer age being 28, it is an evident indication that hair loss has become a serious concern in this demographic.

Hair loss can be triggered by a singular primary factor or a combination of multiple underlying root causes. The study highlights that one of the major causes of male hair loss is dandruff. Findings indicate that 65% of Indian men under 25, experiencing hair loss, suffer from dandruff. This scalp condition leads to itching, inflammation, and irritation, ultimately causing hair loss. Stress and anxiety emerge as another leading cause of hair loss in men. The pressures of modern life expose young Indian males, with 6 out of 10 who experience hair loss being under heightened stress levels. Traya’s study has brought to light a lesser-known fact: among various health concerns, young men dealing with gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, gas, and related problems are also prone to experiencing premature hair loss. The study reveals that 37% of men across ages, experiencing hair loss have compromised gut health. Furthermore, the study delved into the impact of sleep on hair loss and disclosed that irregular sleep patterns contribute to hair loss in 3 out of every 10 young Indian men under the age of 25.

Hair loss can affect men’s physical appearance, self-esteem, as well as hamper their confidence. Dealing with it can cause added stress & anxiety however early interventions can help address the underlying issues, potentially reverse hair loss, and prevent emotional distress.

Speaking of the findings of the study, Saloni Anand, Co-Founder of Traya, said, “Hair loss is often seen as a cosmetic concern but it is a symptom of internal health issues. Given our modern lifestyle, many young people are facing premature hair loss, however, they begin seeking solutions only after consistently facing it for a couple of years. Lack of knowledge about the various stages of hair loss, awareness regarding its root causes and numerous misconceptions around treatment are the reasons why people do not seek help sooner. Delay in addressing hair loss early may allow it to progress to Stage 5, making reversal challenging especially for hairlines. Hence, our primary aim is to create as much awareness as possible and encourage people, especially the youth, to seek treatment early on.”

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