We list the most successful Blackjack players

Most people play Blackjack for the fun of it. But for some it’s a matter of life and death. You’ve probably heard of brainiacs who have the ability to count cards or come up with algorithms to win more often. In this article, you will discover the most successful Blackjack players of all time.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston was an expert Blackjack player, strategist, and author that invented the concept of team play at the game. He became very popular as a Blackjack expert in the 1970s when he taught teams the techniques of winning big at the game in land-based casinos across the world. He earned millions of dollars through his teachings and gameplay. You could, of course, also use his techniques if you play online. Why not visit onlinecasinoguide.in to play online blackjack and test them yourself.

At a time, Uston was banned from playing at casinos. However, this made his popularity grow as he was reported to still find his way into casinos by disguising. Nevertheless, he later received a favourable court ruling that prevented casinos from banning him. In the 1980s, Uston released several books about gambling and video games. He wrote the book Million Dollar Blackjack which taught about Blackjack counting and how to be successful in the game. He died in 1987 as one of the most famous Blackjack players in history.

Arnold Synder

Here’s another Blackjack player who became a teacher of the game. Reports had it that he was so in love with the game that he read a wide range of books about it to become better. He was able to create a strategy that involves card counting and shuffling style to beat casinos. He wrote the book The Blackjack Formula.

Erica Shoenberg

Here comes the only female in our list of Blackjack players. Erica worked as a model and became an expert Blackjack player and recorded many accomplishments in the card game. She joined the MIT Blackjack team as a result of her passion to learn more and sharpen her skills in the game.

Eric made a lot of earnings by playing the game. Even though she never won a big event, she appeared in many global Blackjack competitions. As a result, she also became the brand ambassador of Full Tilt poker.

Edward O. Thorp

Edward was a United States Maths Professor who was in love with Blackjack. His mathematical abilities helped him contribute to the theoretical area of the game such as card counting, odds, and strategy. He is known for creating the most accepted card counting method.

The professor’s method requires a player to keep a record of the cards played so as to figure out the cards left. He authored a book titled “Beat the Dealer” after he became an expert at card counting.

Bryce Carlson

Bryce became a professional Blackjack player in the 1970s after he met and shared ideas with renowned players. He also authored a book titled “Blackjack for Blood” which taught people the game. He developed the Omega II Blackjack Machine to examine and improve his skills in the game.

James Grosjean

Grosjean made history when he became the youngest player to be included in the Blackjack Hall of game. He began to play the game as a student at the University of Chicago and developed skills at it. He later began to play the game professionally and authored two books on it.

Russ Hamilton

Here is a former Poker player who fell in love with Blackjack. His love for Blackjack was discovered when he moved to Vegas. He joined other experienced players of the game to battle in competitions. His fame grew around the world when he introduced Elimination Blackjack, a competition that later changed to the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The competition was aired on National TV.

Peter Griffin

Even though Peter was not a Blackjack player, he was inducted into the hall of fame for his contribution to the development of the game. He was a professor of mathematics who developed strategies to help players organize their bets.

History has it that Griffin once lost all of his savings at Las Vegas casinos after which he began to learn the game and develop strategies. He wrote one of the most popular books on the game – The Theory of Blackjack.

Stanford Wong

John Ferguson was Stanford Wong’s real name. However, he was widely known as the latter as it was his pen name. He authored the book “Professional Blackjack” in 1975. Through a computer program, he rendered a service to players to help them analyze Blackjack odds.

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