What Are Most Common Injuries In Boxing?

Boxing is one of the toughest games, as one needs to be physically and mentally fit to endure the opponent’s onslaught. Even the best boxers have to take considerable beating in every game. If you are planning to enter professional boxing, it’s better to know what’s in store for you.

One of the great risks in boxing career is that you may have to endure various types of injuries. These can occur during training sessions or in the ring while fighting your opponent. For better understanding, let’s take a look at some of the most common injuries in boxing.

Shoulder dislocation – As there’s constant movement of hand and shoulders, boxers often experience shoulder dislocation. This is quite painful and can take several days to heal properly.

Strain injuries – Due to fast bodily movements, boxers often have strain injuries. Strain injuries can occur on the wrist, neck, back, knees, calves and feet. Warm-up and stretching exercises can be crucial in helping avoid strain injuries.

Cuts and bruises – This is what the audience often gets to see and it is quite unsightly. The face is the most vulnerable, as it has the thinnest layer of skin. A powerful punch can easily rupture the skin and lead to bleeding. As a boxer, it’s important that you shield your face as much as possible when the opponent is pounding you. Once you start to bleed, it will be very difficult to win.

Concussion – This is an internal injury that might go unnoticed initially. It occurs when there are repeated blows to the head. A concussion can make you confused or you can even lose consciousness. Your physiotherapist should be able to identify signs of concussion and seek treatment accordingly.

Carpometacarpal bossing – In this condition, a lump is formed on the wrist. It can occur when you receive a strong punch on your wrist area. It can be quite painful and you may require specialized treatment. Some initial relief can be provided with an ice pack.

Bennett’s fracture – This can occur when you hit a hard surface such as your opponent’s skull. In simple terms, Bennett’s fracture is essentially a wrist fracture. The wrist has multiple small bones and fracture in any one of these can cause considerable pain and swelling.

Boxer’s fracture – As you throw punches, the metacarpal bones in your hand undergo tremendous pressure. Often, boxers experience fracture in their metacarpal bones. Pain and swelling can vary depending on the level of damage to metacarpal bones.

Achilles tendinopathy – Constant movement in the ring puts significant stress on the Achilles tendon. It can lead to a condition called Achilles tendinopathy. You may experience symptoms such as stiffness, pain and swelling in the affected region. Special exercises are available that can help you recover from Achilles tendinopathy.

Boxer’s knuckle – This usually affects the first knuckle of a finger and even the adjacent structures may be impacted. A number of body parts can be affected such as the skin, joint cartilage, bone and metacarpal head’s ligaments. You will need specialized treatment and can heal in around 3 to 12 weeks’ time.

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