What Are The Different Stages Of A Relationship?

Just like everything else, relationships also evolve with time. How you felt at the start of your relationship may not be the same a few years later. There are usually two broad categories for a relationship to grow – one to get stronger with time and the other to get boring or acrimonious.

These deviating paths usually occur in the middle phase, with the initial phases being largely common across most relationships. To better understand where you are, here is a quick look at some of different stages of relationship.

Euphoric stage

This is the time when two individuals start to discover each other. There is so much to share and learn about each other. And for young couples, hormones are working to their full potential. Studies have revealed that dopamine levels are at their highest in the Euphoric Stage of a relationship.

This stage is when you spend some of the happiest moments in your life and also make memories that will probably last a lifetime. On an average, the Euphoric Phase of a relationship will usually last for around 6 months to 24 months. However, it can ever be longer or less for some people.

Early Attachment Stage

After the Euphoric Stage, comes the Attachment Stage. This is when two individuals will show a high level of dependance on each other for their physical and emotional needs. In terms of hormones, this stage will see high levels of vasopressin and oxytocin. The bonds are much stronger in Early Attachment stage and there’s a deeper understanding among the couple.

You have experienced both the good and bad of your partner and all of it has strengthened your relationship. You are no longer thinking about your partner 24/7, but still, you feel a stronger connect in a more mature way. The Early Attachment stage may be active anywhere between 1 year to 5 years of a relationship.

Mid Stage

This is when practical challenges kick in and there is a feeling of doing the same things over and over again, every day. Especially with kids around, things turn into a routine. There may be a feeling of boredom, which can be a big challenge for a relationship. The Mid Stage of a relationship is like a crossroads and you are not too sure about the way forward. You are just carrying on because there are responsibilities on your shoulder.

Mid Stage of a relationship determines how it will progress in future. Whether it will get worse or the couple will work together to find new meanings to life and new things to explore. The Mid Stage of a relationship can occur anywhere between 5 years to 7 years. It is usually the most challenging and may witness a lot of pain.

Forever stage

If relationship was an exam, then Forever Stage signifies that you have successfully passed that exam. This stage can also be described as the calm after the storm. The bonds are now so strong and intertwined that the couple is no longer two separate individuals. There is a sense of infinite peace and security.

You understand that things like separation or divorce do not apply to you, even though you may have come close to it in earlier stages of your relationship. This stage usually occurs beyond 7 years. It is when the couple is Forever together and ready to keep exploring till eternity.

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