What Is Perfect Age To Get Married?

Deciding when to get married can be a challenging task for most people. There are anxieties about things like commitment, success of marriage, the level of happiness and satisfaction, reliability of partner, etc. A number of factors can influence success of marriage such as family and community support, financial situation, and professional commitment. Age is also an important factor that can influence success of marriage. It brings up the question, as to which is the right age of marriage. To get better clarity, here are some things we need to understand about the perfect age of marriage.

Problems with marrying at young age

Love has a tendency to strike with a much stronger force when you are young. You may be planning to marry your high school sweetheart or someone you met in college or early in your professional career. Such marriages usually happen when people are in their early 20s. People at this age may be driven by love and may not be able to fully understand the practicalities of life. Statistical data reveals that people who marry in their early 20s have a higher rate of separation and divorce.

Perfect age of marriage

While perfect age of marriage can vary based on communities and geography, the ideal age is considered to be late 20s and early 30s. People of this age are mature enough to understand the practicalities of life and yet young enough to have optimal fun in their relationship. They will also be more settled in terms of their priorities in life and professional goals. Financial stability is another factor that helps people of this age group. People in their late 20s and early 30s tick all the right boxes in terms of creating a solid base for their married life.

Problems with marrying at old age

People in their late 30s and beyond could face compatibility issues with their partner. The ability and willingness to make adjustments declines with age for most people. They may have acquired strong opinions about people and life and may find it difficult to cope up if their partner has opposing views. But marriage at older age can still be safer, as staying together can become a priority. At older age, there’s less scope of experimenting with new relationships. People marrying at older age also benefit in terms of financial stability.

If you don’t fall in the perfect age of marriage, there is no need to be disappointed. There can always be exceptions. So, if you are still young or hitting your late 30s and 40s, your marriage could still turn out to be a wonderful experience. Don’t hesitate, as what ultimately matters is your present. You should avoid worrying about the future and the bad things it can bring to you. If you and your partner don’t see any problems as of now, you can go ahead with your marriage plans.

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