What To Do If Arrested In Louisiana?

Facing an arrest can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you do not know how to deal with the situation. It is important to know the options available in case a family member or friend has been arrested in Louisiana. Every arrest will be different, based on the charges filed and facts of the case. Here are some important things to know in terms of what to do after being arrested in Louisiana.

Discuss the case with a criminal defense attorney – Talking to a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana will let you know the options you have. Often, people make bad decisions when faced with stressful situations such as an arrest. When you know the options you have, you can make decisions that will benefit the individual arrested. A criminal defense attorney will also guide you in determining the amount of funds, as needed for bail and fighting the case.

Post bond – Based on the type of case, it may be possible to bond out the arrested individual. In most cases, a bail amount is declared by the judge within 72 hours. The bail amount will depend on the type of charges made and circumstances surrounding the case. Post bond cannot be used in cases of probation or parole hold. It is because the defendant will not be released in such cases even with post bond.

Prepare for the case – Irrespective of whether the arrested individual is still in jail in Louisiana or out on bond, it is important to prepare a defense strategy. You can work with a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana to understand if going to trial will be better or if there’s scope to come to an agreement with the prosecutor. It is relatively easier to prepare the defense strategy if the arrested individual has been bonded.

Prepare for court proceedings – In an ideal situation, a criminal lawyer may be able to avoid the prospect of going to court. This can be possible via out of court settlements. However, in case going to a court is unavoidable, be prepared for the court proceedings. There can be various sessions such as arraignment, motions, pre-trial conference, status hearings and trial.

As is evident from above, being arrested in Louisiana is not the end of the world. Whether you are a resident of Louisiana or from another state, there are multiple options to deal with an arrest. It is important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in Louisiana to ensure the max possible help to the arrested individual.

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