When You Don’t Have Sexfor Long

Sex is nature’s bounty, a thing to enjoy and a way to propagate the human species. However, recent research studies indicate that the millennial generation is having less sex, as compared to earlier generations. Absence of sex can happen due to various reasons such as death or disability of a loved one, cancer treatment, depression, divorce proceedings, vow of celibacy, general disinterest in sex, etc. So, what happens when you don’t have sex for a long time, something like three months or more? Well, not having sex for long affects your mind and body in various ways. Some of these changes are different for men and women, whereas others are same for both the sexes. Let’s take a look at some of the outcomes that occur when you don’t have sex over longer periods.

What happens when a MAN does not have sex over longer durations?

Increased risk of prostate cancer: If a man does not ejaculate for long, it increases their risk of prostate cancer. This has been revealed in multiple studies. So, if you are not having sex for longer durations, you should at least indulge in some self-pleasure (masturbation) from time to time. This would be beneficial for yourhealth.

Erections could drive south: Numerous studies have pointed out to the potential link between lack of sex and erectile dysfunction. The structure of the male sex organ is such that it tends to lose strength if not used regularly. The penile tissues lose their elasticity, which may lead to erectile dysfunction. It is also possible that the length of the penis might shorten by around 1-2 cm.Use it or lose it is pretty much how it works with the male sex organ.

Increase in nocturnal emission: Men will experience an increase in nocturnal emissions when they don’t have sex over longer durations. Nocturnal emissions have been linked to reduced sperm count and it can also result in impotency. Cases of testicular pain, back pain and pelvic cramps have also been reported. Nocturnal emissions are considered normal in teenage years, but it is largely unhealthy for men aged 30 and above.

Office performance might take a beating: When you don’t have sex for long, your mind will be driven to the extremes. Sometimes, you will feel an insane urge for sex whereas at other times, your libido will drop dramatically. Such extreme experiences will make your mind fuzzy and you will not be able to focus on your professional commitments. Research studies have indicated that people who have a healthy sex life perform better at the office.

Increased stress and anxiety: Not having sex for long has shown to increase the level of stress and anxiety experienced by an individual. A healthy session of sex is a proven stress buster, as it triggers the release of endorphins and other hormones that provide the feel-good factor. Moreover, these effects last for up to 48 hours, which is why sex is considered better than other pleasure substances such as tasty food, liquor, etc. When you are in a good mood, you will be in a better frame of mind to take on the challenges of life. Not having sex for long can deprive you of all such benefits. Increased blood pressure has also been reported by people who did not have had sex over longer durations.

What happens when a WOMAN does not have sex over longer durations?

No change in vaginal tightness: It’s an urban myth that the vagina tightens if a woman does not have sex for long. It’s a misconception that women’s sex organ tightens when they don’t have sex for long. There may be slight changes, but nothing significant to make a tangible difference. It’s also a myth that the hymen starts growing back when a woman does not have sex for long. None of these things are possible and it would be a waste of time if you are abstaining from sex for such reasons.

More time to get wet: If you did not have sex over longer durations, you might take longer to get wet the next time you have sex. According to health experts, the process of arousal, which involves the vagina and vulva getting wet, works well when you have sex on a regular basis. However, taking more time to get wet is a temporary thing and may last for a few sessions only. When you start having sex regularly, your time of arousal will regain its natural pace.

Thinning of vaginal walls: Due to lack of arousal, the blood supply to the vagina may decrease significantly. This in turn can lead to the thinning of vaginal walls. You might also experience increased vaginal drying. These factors will increase the pain when you restart your sexual activity. If you did not have sex for longer durations, it’s advisable that you use a lubricant the next time you have sex.

Reduced risk of UTI and STI: This is among the few benefits that you get when you don’t have sex over longer durations. Your risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) and sexually transmittedinfections (STI) reduces dramatically when you don’t have sex over longer durations. Sexual intercourse has been identified as one of the primary contributors to UTI and STI, since it leads to exchange of bacteria and viruses.

Weight gain: Not having sex for long can make you gain weight. Sex is an intenseexercise and every session can burn up to 200 calories. That’s approximately the same amount of calories that you expend while running for 15-20 minutes. So, when you don’t have sex for long and assuming other things to be equal, you are most likely to gain weight.

As is evident from above, not having sex is largely unhealthy for the human species. So, it would be better to have a healthy sex life. Excluding some exceptional situations, it is always possible to revive your passion for sex with the right diet, regular exercise, the right inspiration, meaningful conversations and counseling, if needed.

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