Where and what to eat travelling to Tokyo, Japan?

Being the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo offers a lot to the tourists but the major attraction lies in the food section. Renowned as the eating capital, the city houses about more than 230 restaurants which have 1 Michelin star. And if you go for the number of registered restaurants, that would be somewhat 160,000 which will take you a lifetime to explore. With such a wide range of restaurants, you must be confused about where and what to eat. To remove your confusion here we’ve put together some best foods and places to enjoy Japanese food.

  1. Sushi

When we hear the word Japanese food the first thing that comes in our mind is Sushi. Usually, it is served as a quick snack. Since Tokyo is the largest fish market in the world, it makes the popularity of Sushi quite obvious. Sushi no Midori, Mantenzushi are some of the restaurants which offer delicious sushi at a reasonable price. It is recommended to avoid the area at weekends because, of course, they are quite popular among the locals.

  1. Sometaro Okonomiyaki

Since every region has their own take in the case of Pancakes so as Japan, and it is called Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a delicious pancake which comes with ingredients depending on the customer’s order. Sometaro, built in the Showa period, is really a good place to try the best okonomiyaki in Tokyo.

  1. Ramen

Tokyo people are kind of obsessed with Ramen. Tokyo houses some of the finest restaurants which is why the place is attributed as the paradise of Ramen lovers’. They are super cheap and luscious. The best place to have Ramen is in the Tokyo ramen street which comprises of 8 restaurants from different parts of Japan. You can try small bowls from different 2-3 restaurants.

  1. Yakitori

This traditional Japanese dish is cooked over grills of charcoal to make the meat soft and tender inside and crispy outside. Yakitori is seasoned with salt or tare sauce which is made from dashi broth, soy sauce, and vinegar. Doromamire, a cosy restaurant, is always packed with locals. It serves the best quality vegetables and chicken. And if you look for a greater variety, go for Torimitsu. They provide a wide range of Yakitori meals to choose from.

  1. Soba Noodles

Though soba noodles come in both hot and cold forms, you need to try some cold soba noodles in Japan. Soba is made up of buckwheat flour. It goes well with toppings or side dishes. Soba goes best with juicy, warm tempura (fried shrimp and veggies) since it’s pretty light. Yabu Soba and Fuji Soba are the places you need to visit for the finest soba noodles with drinks in Tokyo.


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