Which Breast Size Is Most Attractive?

Among the various factors that influence mate selection is the size of breasts. Female breast size is one of the key determinants of overall attractiveness, as perceived by men. Such preferences are usually based on evolutionary factors, wherein there’s a subconscious effort to determine female fertility and ensure good gene selection.

Overall, breast size is one of the key factors that determine reproductive success. It is similar to other visual aspects that are subconsciously deciphered such as face shape, waist to hip ratio (WHR), symmetry and distribution of fat reserves.

As breast size is among the first things that a man notices, it makes us wonder which size is the most attractive. Here are some insights that can help understand which breast size is most attractive.

Which is ideal boob size?

A number of surveys and opinion polls have been conducted in the past to determine which is perfect boob size. In most of these surveys, majority of participants including men and women have voted in favor of C cup breast size as the perfect boob size. In one of the most comprehensive surveys involving around 1,000 Europeans and 1,000 Americans, more than 53% of men voted for average breast size as the ideal boob size. Average breast size is largely C Cup, as it falls somewhere in middle of A, B and D, E, F sizes.

Women had a similar opinion, with more than 60% voting in favor of C Cup as the ideal boob size. The second-best boob size, as identified in the survey, was D Cup and above, with more than 35% men stating their preference for larger boobs. Women who rated larger breast as ideal were more than 30%. The least preferred breast size was smaller size, probably A cup. Only 11% men and around 9% women found smaller breasts to be attractive.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle and shape of breasts also determine how attractive the breasts are perceived. In studies that focused specifically on these aspects, the front view was found to be the most attractive. When viewed from the side or other angles, some biases and inconsistencies were noticed among the preferences of participants.

Why C Cup is perfect boob size?

There’s a good reason why most people have voted C Cup as the ideal boob size. The C Cup breast size denotes positive factors such as young age, the right estrogen level and high fertility. C Cup essentially signifies the best matrix in terms of mate selection, as perceived by subconscious evolutionary systems.

The survey also reveals that the perception of best boob size varies from individual to individual and from country to country. Many people prefer smaller breasts, whereas others have liking for larger breasts. Evolution is always trying to create the best offspring and since every couple is different, we see varying preferences for ideal female beast size.

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