Which City Has Most Expensive Water?

Water is one of the most critical things we need to stay alive. Our body is made up of up to 60% water and it needs regular replenishment. Without water, most people can’t live more than 2-3 days. Due to climate change, water scarcity has emerged as a major issue. Several cities across the globe are facing significant challenges in terms of potable water supply. Due to climate change, water scarcity will only get worse in the coming years. Some experts have predicted that wars of the future will be fought over water resources.

Even today, price of water is costlier than ever. For more clarity, here’s a look at cities with costliest water.

Stockholm – Capital city of Sweden, Stockholm has very little risk in terms of water scarcity. However, due to high standard of living, the price of bottled water in the city is among the highest in the world. In Stockholm, a 500ml bottle of water will cost Euro 1.21 ($1.43). Tap water costs Euro 3.60 ($4.26) per m³.

New Orleans – In terms of water scarcity risk, New Orleans is ranked in medium-high category. Cost of 500ml bottle of water is $1.44. Tap water is priced at $3.39 per m³.

Los Angeles – This comes third, with price of 500ml bottle of water priced at $1.50. Tap water is also fairly costly at $3.69 per m³. In terms of water scarcity situation, Los Angeles is ranked in extremely high risk category.

Virginia Beach – A 500ml bottle of water in Virginia Beach (USA) costs $1.55. This makes it the second costliest city in terms of bottled water pricing. However, tap water is relatively cheaper at $2.27 per m³. In terms of water scarcity risk, the city is ranked in low-medium category.

Oslo – Capital city of Norway, Oslo has the costliest bottled water in the world as of 2021. The price of a 500ml bottle is Euro 1.52, which is approximately $1.80. Tap water is also the costliest in Oslo at Euro 5.51 per m³ (cubic meter). Oslo does not have a water scarcity situation, but still it has the costliest water in the world. It is likely due to the high standard of living that makes water costlier in Oslo.

If you are planning to visit any of these cities, make sure you factor in the cost of water. This is especially true if you are planning to have an extended stay in these cities. It is also obvious that we need to save water and avoid water wastage. Water scarcity is most likely a man-made phenomenon, which makes it our responsibility to save water.

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