Should You Share Your Password With Your Partner?

When you are single, you have everything for yourself. But once you are in a relationship or get married, you start sharing several of your things with your partner. But are your passwords such as your email, phone and banking passwords also need to be shared with your partner? Well, most people don’t like to share their passwords even when they are in a relationship. There is really no need to share passwords with your partner. However, there may be situations when you may be required to share your password with your partner.

Does sharing password create trust?

The answer could be ‘Yes’, but it is most likely to be a false sense of trust. The thing with trust is that it does not need any proof or evidence. You trust someone or you don’t; it’s as simple as that. Whether or not that trust is reciprocated in the same manner is up to your partner. If you have expectations from your partner, it is likely to lead to relationship issues.

A relationship built largely on sharing passwords is unlikely to last long. What if your partner has another email account or phone that you are not aware of? If you are happy just because you have your partner’s password, you may be living in a delusional world. The point is that sharing passwords should not be the basis of a relationship.

How sharing password can create complications?

It is always possible that our phones and email accounts may have details about our past. It may be things that we are not particularly proud of or it could have been a mistake. Even if your partner is an understanding person, such details can create embarrassment and unnecessary emotions like guilt.

It might also sow the seeds of distrust even though you may no longer be connected to your past. To avoid such things, it’s better to completely erase your past and commit to the present and future. Take time on a weekend to delete everything that has no relevance to your present life.

When should you share your password with your partner?

For most relationships, there’s no real need to share passwords. The opposite is also true, in that, there’s no need to hide it either. In some situations, it may become necessary to share passwords with your partner. For example, you may need to share your password in case of any urgent or emergency situation. Or if you are running a business together, sharing passwords may become a necessity.

What if your partner insists on knowing your password?

There can be different meanings if your partner keeps asking for your password. It could be that they are curious, possessive or just trying to act like one. Or it could be that your partner suspects something and may want to investigate. In such situations, you will be the best judge what your partner is really up to. Whether or not you share your password with your partner is entirely up to you.

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