Which Country Is Cheapest To Become A Doctor?

Pursuing a career in the medical field can be quite challenging. Depending on which part of the globe you are located, you may have to pass an entrance examination. Another challenge is college fees, which is usually high in most countries. Time spent on education is also long in medical field, as compared to other streams like engineering, civil administration, etc. This is even more relevant if you are planning to pursue post graduate courses in medicine after your graduation.

Countries that offer the most affordable way to become a doctor include Russia and Ukraine. However, with the ongoing uncertainties in the region, it has become necessary for students to seek other affordable locations.

Other things also matter such as acceptability of the degree / certification at global level, cost of living in the country and option to choose English as the medium of education. To help you understand available options, here’s a look at countries that offer the most affordable courses to become a doctor.

Kyrgyzstan – A landlocked country in Central Asia, cost of medical studies in Kyrgyzstan is around USD 7,200 per annum. Another advantage of studying here is that cost of living is among the lowest in the world.

China – Annual fees in Chinese medical colleges and universities is around USD 6,500 per year. In terms of cost of living, China is located somewhere at the middle among all countries. However, not all colleges and universities in China may have the option to choose English as the medium of education.

Philippines – Cost of medical studies in this Asian country is around USD 6,000 per annum. Philippines is also better suited in terms of cost of living. On an average, it is cheaper as compared to China. Another advantage is that English is one of the official languages in the country. So, seeking education in English language should not be a problem in Philippines.

Georgia – Part of former Soviet Union, cost of medicine studies in Georgia works out at around USD 6,000 per annum. Georgia is also amongst the most affordable in terms of cost of living. You may have to search for colleges / universities that offer English as the medium of education. The official language of the country is Georgian.

Romania – Medical studies in Romania will cost around USD 5,500 per annum. Romania is also quite cheap in terms of cost of living. Although English is not the official language, a significant percentage of people can speak English.

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