Which Country Pays Highest Salary?

For those who may have the required skills and are eligible, immigrating to a new country can make a significant difference to their career prospects. While there are several factors why people immigrate, the prospect of earning more money is one of the key reasons. If earning more is one of your primary objectives, it’s obvious that you should immigrate to a country that rewards its workers handsomely. To help you choose, here’s a quick look at countries that pay the highest salaries.

Denmark – Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is a Nordic country with 5.83 million residents and spread across 2,210,579 km2 (853,509 sq. mi). Denmark has a developed economy, ranked 10th in the world in terms of competitiveness. Some key economic drivers include agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals, machinery and transportation equipment, medical equipment, wind turbines and construction. Average pay in Denmark is USD 55,253.

United States – The preferred work destination for many, United States is currently the largest economy in the world with GDP of around USD 20.807 trillion. The country has innumerable work opportunities across varied sectors such as technology, software development, banking and finance, aviation and aeronautics, entertainment, etc. Average wage in United States is USD 63,093.

Switzerland – One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland is the dream destination for most people. It is spread over an area of 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq. mi) and has a population of around 8.5 million. Switzerland is ranked among the wealthiest and least corrupt countries in the world. Key economic sectors include banking and finance, tourism, insurance, manufacturing and agriculture. Average wage in Switzerland is USD 64,109.

Luxembourg – A landlocked nation located in Western Europe, Luxembourg shares its borders with France, Germany, and Belgium. It has a population of 626,108 and is spread across an area of 2,586 square kilometers (998 sq. mi). Primary economic sectors in Luxembourg include finance, banking, rubber, chemicals, and engineering services. Average wage is USD 65,449 in Luxembourg.

Iceland – A Nordic island country, Iceland is spread across an area of 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq. mi) and has a population of 356,991. It is a sparsely populated country and can be a good option for people who like some peace and tranquility in their lives. On top of that, Iceland is among the nations with highest worker salaries. Iceland has a diversified economy with key sectors being fishing, manufacturing, software development, finance and tourism. The average wage in Iceland works out at USD 66,504.

Even though having more money is beneficial, you should not overlook other factors such as work culture, social life, career growth opportunities, cost of living, etc. In the long run, these variables can be just as important as your earnings. So before you apply for your immigration, make sure you have carefully evaluated all these factors.

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