Which is a better career option: Computer Programming or Networking?

Information Technology is practically evolving every day. And so do the network experts and programmers work hard to bring forth that evolution without stealing you away from the benefit of providing innovative, user-friendly, and secured services and products. The programmers, as well as the network architects, basically work on the end design of the business that is further conveyed to the user. As a matter of fact, the system and network administrators work towards maintaining the system and the network respectively in an organized situation availing you with peak performance.

Although when it comes to choosing a career between a computer programmer or network architect, people usually get confused, the best advice could be to choose the career option that aligns with your interest. This article will highlight all the essential information related to Computer Programming and Networking. Read on to find out which could be the best career option for you.

Computer Programming as a career:

Computer programming is basically developing programs that work as information for the computer to carry out certain tasks. Basically, these pieces of information developed by the computer programmers are referred to as coding. When you are planning on choosing computer programming as a career, there are a few things that you should know.

1-You need to have patience: One thing is for sure when you are planning on becoming a computer programmer, you need to have a lot of patience as learning of the coding is not an easy task. When you have patience, you can become a better problem-solver, which will ultimately help you in becoming a successful programmer.

2-Keep your basics clear: Before starting to create programs, make sure that you are clear with the basics. And the basics can only be perfected if you get to the core of computer science. In whichever computer language you decide to start coding, first, get a hold over it and then you are good to go.

Networking as a career:

When you want to get ahead in the field of Information Technology, you need to possess networking skills. In the IT field, the network architects are professionals who ensure that companies, as well as people, have access to adequate data and information across various servers, databases, networks and the Internet overall.

Requirements for Networking:

While the overall job of a network architect is to manage the servers, databases, and networks to pass on data and information, there are certain certifications that you need to possess for becoming a professional. The entry-level certificates to be demanded of a Network Architect include –the Cisco Certified Network Professional certificate and the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

Different Job positions offered at Networking:

  • Network Support Specialist –who looks after the maintenance, repair, and testing of the network
  • Network Architect –who designs or plans new networks
  • Network Analyst –who looks after the network server and handles the installation and support of the network

Network Administrator –who oversees and manages an entire network

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